Starting out on a Journey!

April 2, 2014
I feel really bad that I didnt get the chance to give everyone my final hugs…. It took all my strength to hold back the tears. The plane rides over were good and I was so nervous… I was by myself all day long haha I love you all and hope to email you guys again soon!

Thank you for everything!

Love you all!
Elder White

As a side note: Kerry dropped Nikolas, Maceson and I off at the airport and went to grab the other kids because Holland who has mono started with her fevers of 103 and 104 this week. Kerry and the kids were 5 minutes away from the airport when the airport people told Nikolas he needed to board the plane. I know that he was very sad and like he said it took all his strength to hold back the tears (as if as his mother I couldn’t tell that). I was determined that I wasn’t going to cry. We all felt really bad about that. But that is life and it turned out ok. I hope!!

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