My First PDay!!

April 10, 2014

Thank you all for the emails!!! I have been struggling with homesickness for about four or five days and it´s been rough…. I started crying seeing all the emails you guys sent to me and I could feel the homesickness disappear! thank you again I needed this moment…

Don’t be afraid to send me mail too! I would enjoy that a lot too so I can go back to read them on days I feel homesick! I was told by some other missionaries about this website called and said it was a good website to send missionary things. I know that money is hard for us but you can check it out I don’t expect anything from it! haha

I like Mexico! The city is HUGE!!!!!! haha I made a joke about it when i was flying over it… All the houses are built into each other. There is like NO YARDS!!!! No individual lands for families to play in!!! at that moment I thought about Grandma and little valley and how every house out there is getting about 1 acre if lucky… and I was like wow… I really took it for granted….. I heard that about three families share one casa and the casa’s are about the size of our 500 square foot house…… Now that is….. I don’t know how to put it haha I feel bad for them though….. The CCM is like in the middle of Mexico City i think its like 500 acres of land I have a picture of the model of the CCM grounds so you have a better understanding at how huge this place is!!! Its about as close to Americanized ground as we will get haha!!!!

The weather is great!!!!! Granted when we wear our suits its like a conventional oven but that’s about tamed compared to what El Salvador is like… haha! The Presidante said that we are getting closer to the rainy seasons and so i’ll be experiencing the rain here in Mexico before I leave! It’s going to be awesome when it rains!!!! It’s really beautiful here! the trees here are beautiful they have purple blossoms when the bloom and they bloom for like a month and I just missed it…. I am grateful though that some of the trees were late bloomers so I got to take some pictures of them!

I love the Elders in my District and the hermanas!! they are all SO kind and friendly It’s like family to me! My companion is Elder Simms! Him and I are SSOOO MUCH ALIKE!!!!! And….. he’s just like chan too… haha so I have a piece of Maceson and Chandler in my companion! Which gets on my nerves once in awhile.. haha but I love him hes a good companion and elder!

I’m kind of struggling with the language in ways of coming up with sentences and making sure they are grammatically correct… haha It’s really scared me cause on the third day or second day we had our first progressive investigator… and we had to speak to her in Spanish… I was like there’s no way….. Well me and my companion totally destroyed the first meeting with her and spoke in the worst Spanglish in all of history haha I finally just stopped and did the rest of the teaching in English!!! with her permission of course haha the second time wasn’t too bad but still struggled with coming up with Spanish sentences! Our third one was yesterday actually and wow… we did about half our lesson in Spanish! I felt accomplished but then we switched to English because we didn’t know how to say the rest of it in Spanish…. Today we get to do our last teaching with her and I’m kind of happy its our last one for awhile! Just so i can focus more on studding the language and be able to speak it clearly and be able to understand what others are saying haha I can pick out a few words but that’s about it! I try to learn new words everyday roughly 10 to 15 words a day! I’m going to try and increase it the rest of this week and try to memorize some phrases and conversations!! The Latinos in out casa have been helping us with the Spanish and teaching us how to construct good sentences and words as well!!!

I loved General Conference I got to see it in English so I was extremely happy about that!! They say that we have to study in our native language and watch things in our native language so we can better understand the lessons, the gospel, the whole nine yards!!! I love Elder Hollands talk and President Monson’s talks! There were so many others that I loved but I don’t have time to talk about every single on of them… Seeing how I only get an hour….

So me and my companion are going to the exact same mission and leaving the exact same time with a sister missionary too! It’s pretty exciting!!!

I love every single one of you guys! I’m sorry I didn’t get to write a whole bunch when I first got here because I was told to just write a quick email saying I got here safely….. I wanted to say more I really did… I was missing you all so very badly and I have been dwelling on the fact that I didn’t get to hug all of you goodbye…. I have been dwelling on it all week and I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t… I have been struggling to keep focus on my lessons and stuff but I’m glad I got to finally get to email you all!!!

Mom if its possible can you try and get Nathanial’s, Matt’s, Kimberly’s, Katelyn’s, joel and trish’s emails?? I’ll focus my emails for you guys of course but I would like to be able to email them too and say a few things to them once in awhile!!!! Also, Set up a skype account and send me the name of it so I can give it to my district leaders! because the week we are leaving we get to skype home cause of Mothers Day and I am actually looking forward for that day!!!! Also…. My Patriartical Blessing… I completely forgot to get that…. Can you find a way to shrink it and send it to me by mail???? I really would appreciate that so so much!!!!

Thank you for setting up that blog! Make sure you let everyone know about it and don’t forget to put my information on there like addresses when I get transferred out on the mission and stuff!

Thank you all for the encouragement! I really appreciate it! That’s one thing I have been praying for not just for me but for my companion and for the district too! I’m sending pictures that I took before I emailed you guys so don’t be sad that there aren’t that many… I’ll make sure to get more! Since i can only take pictures on PDay’s It’s hard to take a lot of pictures…. I also found out that I get a money card and has 100 pesos on it and we get 100 pesos every Pday and it adds up too! so I have TONS of money here for the CCM now haha!

I miss you all but I love you all SO much! I took for granted that fact that I could always get a hold of any of you with a quick of a button on a phone but now I don’t have that luxury anymore and its a hard thing to get over… but I am trying! I think after today and seeing all the emails that you guys sent will help me a lot! I feel so much better and less homesick! I promise to work harder and never let the homesickness get me down!!!!

I love you all
Elder White

Give my thanks to the family! I’ll be writing home to some family if you can hand them to them for me that would be great! I don’t know there addresses so if you can do that for me that would be awesome!

(Nikolas standing in front of a statue at the CCM* (MTC)
(A model of the CCM/MTC)
(The CCM (MTC))
(I am guessing his District at the CCM)

(Another Email)

I forgot to add….. I Enjoy the food here! but i’m glad ive been taking my vitamins and probiotics or i would be in the bathroom a lot hahah!!! I’m glad I have them I havent missed a day taking them yet and I don’t plan on it!!! Like I said I love the food its very delicious and very filling my favorite bread they give out is the sweet bread!! it has sugar on top and its so good!!! But now I gotta go and I’ll email you guys again next PDay!

Love you all
Elder white

and I do to like to talk to you guys…. I was just a troubled child before I left :/ The MTC has changed me alot already and I’m grateful for it!

I would like to be able to email you guys back and forth kind of like IMing but through email! once in awhile! If possible…… but Love you all so much

(And another email)

Oh… the MTC is gated and located in the middle of mexico city… haha So we can’t go out and they can’t come in unless we invite them in! We get to go see the mexico temple soon!!! its under reconstruction so we cant go inside but we get to go to the visitor center!!!! I can’t wait to see it!!!! I should probably go but my district haven’t left yet!! haha I love you all!

(Then I quickly emailed him back)

I love you son!! Chin up and I will write you many times!!
Love MOM

(Then He wrote:)


(then me)

Yes son Howdy doooo!!

(Then Nikolas)

I was hoping for this!!!! I’m doing good, how are you?


Great I don’t have a lot of time have to pick up Nathan but I am here


I miss you so much….


I am so happy that you are happy!!
Son you can miss me but don’t let that stop you from doing great things on your mission


How is everyone?


Everyone is good!! We have all been praying for you!!


I know…. Well we are going now…. I love you so much!!! You are all in my prayers too!!!! thank you for the encouragement I’ll email you again next PDay


I love you son!!!

(This means alot because I never knew how he felt. He hardly ever said he loves us, let alone says he misses us. A mission is one of the best experiences any young man or woman can have)
If you would like to write him an email:
(when I get it I will post)

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  1. Yay. So excited for him. What a great email to read. Love the pictures.

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