2nd P-Day!!

April 17, 2014

Hola mi familia!!!!! (hello my family!!)

Here is my Address:
Elder Nikolas White
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito federal

Gracias Por the Emails everyone!!!! It is a real builder for me!!!! and THANK YOU FOR THE DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!!!! haha i figured they were for Easter but I needed some comfort food!! hahaha I still have a lot of chocolate and cookies left! thank you guys so much for them!

Classes are going well more or less haha our teachers mostly speak in Espanol but its to help us catch words that we know and to help us get the jist of what they are saying!

So last p-day after I wrote home i was having the most terrible time trying to stay focused and trying to work…. That night I finally asked my district leaders (now my zone leaders) if they could give me a blessing. and that was the best thing that happened and from that day on I really didn’t have homesickness! The language is really getting me down, I think its mostly because our teachers are wanting us to “teach by the spirit” but Its rather difficult when you don’t know enough Espanol to say what your heart is telling you or the spirit….. When ever i try i just stumble for words that i don’t know and get frustrated with myself cause i don’t know the words but hey… its only my start of my 3rd week here! I’m actually surprised with how much i do actually know in just the 2 weeks i have been here! its incredible how the spirit works and how things stick to memory easier through the spirit. Granted i still have lots to learn, but I will get there!

Dang I’m sorry to hear about Nathan and Holland :/ I really hope they get better…. Nathan i know for sure is a strong kid and can take beatings haha but still even then i would cry for hours. It reminds me of what happened to me yesterday! lol so it was raining for most of the day and was still raining when we were about to go to gym! well while my zone leaders and i were waiting on the other Elder’s in our district, we were just being little kids jumping in puddles and being dorks hahaha! well we were about to leave and jumping in our last puddles (i’ll set up an image of the area, There are these big green circles in the middle of the street or out in the open in case of earthquakes occur, and we are suppose to run out and on top of these green circles, its our safety place for earthquakes) well….. I didn’t realize how slippery they would be on the smooth pavement…….. I jumped on a puddle next to one of the green circles stepped down on the circle and slipped….. Banged up my knee and elbow…. this happened yesterday….. I was in pain all day hahaha!!!!! be massive goose bumps on my knee and elbow….. OUCH!!!!!!!

This week has actually gone by so fast…. Its now even funny!! hahaha In my district there are ocho(8) of us. dos (2) hermanas(sisters) and sies (6) elders!!! the other branch in our district consisted of 8 as well and they just left this week to the field…… hahaha So we are the only district in our branch till next week!!!!!….. and for sacrament meeting almost EVERY single one of us have to talk and it HAS to be in Espanol…… wow….. Last week I wrote my first talk and i was grateful i didn’t have to talk! but now…… this Sunday i have to talk now….. cause already 2 elder’s in our branch already talked and they have 6 speakers and 1 presedente speak…. all 5 minutos talks…… arg!!!!!!! But I’m grateful its just in front of my district!!! They have become family to me!

Yesterday we had this TRC thing where we teach the first lesson to “investigators” and we can hardly understand ANYTHING they say and we cant speak the language that well….. So by the time it was all over we went to class and had one last little lesson we had to learn and it was on oracion (prayer). when we split up to practice on how to teach people to pray my zone leader Elder Stewart just broke down crying…. He was so overwhelmed and so done…. I could feel the love coming from EVERY single Elder and Hermana in that room….. Finally when we were done with practicing I asked if he would like a blessing. He agreed and we got all the Elder’s in our district to join. Wow….. the feeling that came from that was unbelievable….. I Have a testimony on blessings now because of that and my own blessing….. we talked a bit after wards about why we lay our hands on the head when we give the blessings, the power that comes from us and channels to the receiver is the most powerful thing ever its like poring water in an empty glass….. it takes worthy priesthood holders to do such a powerful thing for anyone…. But not only was the priesthood the big thing for the blessing, its the love also from the Hermanas. It also takes worthy Hermanas too, to make a blessing its full potential in my opinion. Women can have the priesthood too but in a way that’s different to the men and its just as powerful!

Elder Ursenbach and Elder Stewart (zone leaders) are going to new mexico Albuquerque! haha when I heard that I was thinking of weird Al and his song Albuquerque!!! XD!!!!!

Elder Kimball and Elder Lawerance (our district leaders) are going to Nicaragua, Managua mission

Hermana Woods and Hermana Johnson are going to Honduras!!! I don’t remember the area….

then you got me and Elder Simms going to El Salvador, San Salvador East!

I love every single one of the Elder’s and Hermanas! they are the best thing that has ever happened to me here at the CCM!

This morning after doing some chores around the house I got my haircut! haha… I miss getting my haircut from you, mom or from Amanda :/ but it works for the missionary i guess!! haha. There are dorms that are getting refurbished but the laundromats haven’t been touched and so i was (washing) my clothes there instead at the Casa (house) since there are only 2 washers and dryers there and 6 Elder’s that have p-day on the same day…. is a headache haha! So pictures only on p-day is just a CCM rule…… unfortunately…. and again… i didn’t get a lot of pictures again…. I apologize but i’ll do my best to get more pictures! I got one of the Hermanas to give me a picture of all of us together so you can see us all!!!! After emailing you guys we usually finish our laundry and go take a nap haha then prepare a lesson for an investigator that we may have to teach…… for the record i hate how they are pushing us with these investigators….. its scary to be honest… cause I CANT SPEAK THE LANGUAGE!!! haha… I cant teach in Engels… but Espanol… not a chance :/ i have to write down what i want to say and translate it to Espanol….. but its one thing that will come soon i hope!

My companion, Elder Simms, is from Riverton Utah! He really is a great guy but…….. has been getting on my nerves to the extreme….. Hes always fighting what i say, second guessing me, and always wants to be better than me…… its been very discouraging….. even when we teach the lessons hes cutting me off, not letting me finish what i was going to say, and I really have not done ANYTHING to him, for him to do that….. He finally pulled me aside and apologized for it and said he would try harder and not be like that… but i’m sad to say i don’t believe him….. I feel HORRIBLE about it but i don’t believe him….. that was 5-ish days ago when we talked and he is STILL doing it…. So i really don’t know what to do…. I pray for patience and strength every night… but I’m still getting discouraged…

Tuesday night we had a devotional that was broadcast from Provo Utah MTC to all the MTC’s around the world and it was Elder and Sister Anderson!!! the talks were amazing!!!! Sister Anderson bore her testimony on conference talks and how important they are to always re read them over and over again because they rewrite them about 15 times before they give them in general conference….. WOW if i had to do that with my regular talks in church i would just give up hahaa but its because they want to get it right with the lord! Sister Anderson continued talking about how every month she would make extra copies for her kids so they had them and this was before they posted them on the internet. She finished copying them at the photo shop place and it came to about $50 for the copies and she was like wow expensive… but then something pierced her heart saying, “but what is the price for your children, when they read these talks” and its true what is the price of our spirit compared to the $50 dollars worth of copies of the talks????? more than we can comprehend!!!!

Well this is all i got for now!!!!
I miss you guys a lot and I love you all TONS!!!!!!!

sencerio, y con amore (sincerely and with love)

Elder White!

here’s the pic of all of us in the district!!!!

So on the left is my companion them me! to the right is Elder Kimball and his companero Elder Lawrence. to the right him of is Hermana Woods and her companero Hermana Johnson, then behind her is Elder Stewart and his companero Elder Ursenbach!!!!! haha it literally feels like my family…. ❤
Elder White in his new haircut!!
Elder White (The tall, good lookin’ one) Elder Simms (Short, redhair, and glasses)
(I logged on to his account and found this pic that he didn’t send to me but glad I swiped it)

(Just as a note: I caught him online and was able to email back and forth for a while, 82 emails later!! It was good to read he was in good spirits and He got his package sent from mydearmissionary.com really early but obviously the Lord knew he needed it more than waiting for Easter!! I am grateful for the spiritual change in my son!! His Dad and I couldn’t be more blessed than to have “A Mighty Change of Heart” for him! The Gospel is true and Jesus Christ is my Savior, so thankful for that knowledge and that Elder White is out there sharing this message.)

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  1. I’m digging the new haircut. It looks great on him.

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