April 24, 2014

Ok…. I can’t believe that its my 4th week being here…… well start of the 4th week…. HOW TIME FLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhaha So to clarify, The first “investigators” were just our teachers but we do get to teach REAL investigators every Wednesday night we call it TRC……. Its a good experience but its a very frustrating experience too hahaha just because well for me I can pick out a few words that they say and I can get the jist of what they are saying….. so I try to figure out the point of what they are saying and its difficult… cause i sit there for a few seconds trying to figure out what they are saying then figure out how to say what i want to say in Spanish…. lol my goodness its annoying!!!! but I can say that the spirit is always there and there are times when i completely understand EVERYTHING they say and I can talk to them in broken Spanish but they get what I’m trying to say! and man is it amazing!!!!!! my second TRC was yesterday and it was a better experience than my first one two weeks ago…. hahaha but Every time we have TRC my night class teacher always gives negative feedback to us about our Spanish…… Basically she says were not trying or studying hard enough….. that night i just shut up and didn’t say a whole lot till class was over…. Many times in my life I’ve told myself that everything i do is never good enough…. Wasn’t till after i sent my mission papers in and got my call was when I was at an all time high and new i was doing good and Heavenly Father was proud of me!!! but last night it brought it all back and I just felt like crap…. I am working and studying hard but apparently im not doing enough……… I just cant wait for the field where I can just be around it 24/7 and actually have people there that will encourage me and tell me that I AM working hard……

ANYWAY!!!!! For the most part this week has been amazing! I haven’t gotten any letters from anyone yet but then again i was told that it takes 2 weeks to get here….. WHY?!??!?!?! i don’t know… hahaha but I hope its not the same to send it to america….. guess we will see!!!!! I’ve sent a few letters out to family, and friends but not as much as i really want too!!!!!

Thank you guys for getting my patriarchal blessing re-sized!!!! and i have pretty good eye sight so I’m sure i can still read it!! hahaha OH i need to ask a favor……… um…. my class ring…. I know i didn’t bring it with me but i cant remember if i gave it to you mom or if i put it in one of my many drawers………. lol i know its something i shouldn’t worry about on my mission but it would really give me peace of mind if one of you can find it and let me know where it is!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the pics of Easter!!!!! When Easter Sunday came about, I woke up that morning homesick… just because i miss my family and waking up to the kids running around excited for their presents!!!!!! but as the day went on and going to priesthood and sacrament meeting i feel so much better…. hahaha I don’t know why but Heavenly Father has really inspired not only the apostles but our branch presidency on what to teach and talk about during those times… cause I just felt AMAZING afterwards!!!!! So for sacrament meeting President Uchtdorf was talking to us from Provo MTC and he talked about Christ and how we as missionaries are just like him, preaching and bringing others the gospel!!!! At the very end of his talk he spoke directly to us, “If we work hard and do the work of the lord, Christ will send angels to us. To help us bare the burdens on our shoulders, strengthen us, take away our sorrows, help us sleep at night, take away our worries, and comfort us when we need comfort!!!! Bless our family, extended families, our friends, and protect them while we are gone because we can’t do it. At that moment I felt the spirit testify to me that the things he said were true…. I mean i read EVERY single email and I have yet to read anything that was really bad!!!!!! beside getting sick!!!!!!!!!!! Heavenly Father loves his missionaries and will protect them and hold to his promises to us if we uphold our end our words!!!!!!

Things are getting better with my companion. I don’t like complaining about him at all…. I know we all aren’t perfect and he’s just doing what he thinks is right!!!! There has to be compromises to make things go more smooth and have better relationships!!!! Of course he gets under my skin a lot but I learned to shrug it off and just roll with it!!!! I do however ask you all to pray for him though….. He works so hard and stresses out badly…. He stresses me out, that’s how bad it gets hahaha!!!! but if you guys can please keep him in your prayers for comfort and to feel the spirit!!!!

During Gym time me and Elder Kimball play ping pong together!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! lol I never thought i could ever get so good!!!!!! lol I’ve gotten to the point where i can do curve balls top spins and almost back spins to throw him off!!!!!!!!!! hahhahaa its awesome!!! we are so evenly matched its not even funny!!!! hahahahaha Oh man….. I will cry when my district goes separate ways….. :/ but we all plan to keep up with the emails and hopefully when we get off our mission and have district reunions!!! hahaha I hope we can fall through with it!!! it would be amazing to see them off the mission!

Oh how i love it here at the MTC everyone is EXTREMELY nice and have good intentions!!!! Most of the workers here that do maintenance and stuff like that aren’t members but I can still feel there love for us and that they enjoy us here!!!!! the food is still amazing!!!!!!! and for Ethan, YES we do have pizza!!! hahah every Tuesday night… i think we have pizza!!! it’s not little caesers but it’s Domino’s and its still pretty good!!!! But nothing beats Hungry Howies!!!! that garlic crust….. oh man… hahaha i miss it!!!!!! hahaha so the district and I were talking about when we get home the first thing that we are going to crave is an american hamburger!!! LOL like in the first iron man when he finally gets home from being captured and is a prisoner he gets off the plan and says “first get my a hamburger, a real american hamburger!!!”LOL that’s going to be me when i get home 😉 hahhaa

I love you guys so much I can feel your prayers every morning and night, and yes mom im ok with the money thing!!! and yes i’ll be more careful spending money here with my debit card!!!! i didn’t think about the extra charges….. if possible let me know how much i still have in checking??!??!? I’ll be sending some pictures your way!!! i turned down the setting on my camera and I will be able to send some to ya!!!!

Love you guys so much!!!!!!!!

Con Sincerio Amor,
Elder Nikolas White

P-day playing Basketball!!
Writing Home!!
Elder Lawerance’s Journal (Nikolas is drooling)
(I have no idea but I thought it was a cool picture to put in since he sent it home)

(I feel really bad that I didn’t get to email back and forth with Elder White, but I had 3 extra kiddo’s that I was taking care of today and I couldn’t stop to chat with my son. There will be other days I know but my life is very busy with 8 kids, one on a mission and helping to watch some extra’s, It is always busy here at home!!)

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3 Responses to Wow!!!

  1. Kim says:

    He sounds so good and it’s awesome seeing the growth he is experiencing each week. I love reading his emails!!! Thanks Courtney!

    • kanc35 says:

      Amazing what the Spirit can do when that person is willing for those changes to happen. I just hope it stays when he gets home too!
      By the way, I emailed Kates for her bday!! Love that girl!

      • Kim says:

        Thanks for doing that Courtney! I’ve been backtracking on her blog since before her mission. It’s been fun, but I wish I had started out at the first like you did; however, it’s good to go back to before she left and beyond 🙂 Can’t believe you found it without any help 😉

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