The Most Amazing Week!

May 1, 2014

Thank you so much for the Emails!!!!! I was pretty surprised that i got an email from grandma and pa white!!!!! hahaha YEA!! Way to go Shaun!! =D

So this week have been pretty good!! The language is coming slowly but surely! Every day it gets better and better! The only thing that gets me though is every time me and my companion teach Enya, My mind goes blank…… its rather annoying… hahaha! We both study and prepare well but once it comes to study time… My mind just goes blank! I think it’s because I’m a bit intimidated by her… haha! But no, the lesson goes well once we can get the stones rolling! It’s weird how the spirit works! By the end of the lesson she told us how great the lesson was and told us the spirit was felt strongly!

Alright, in the house that we are in my District, other than the Hermanas, are staying in the same house with another companionship from another zone and one particular Elder, Elder Brown, he is pretty funny! haha So Friday last week he told us of a book that he wants to write! It’s basically about the navy and stuff. He wants to join the navy when he gets home from the Mission, but anyway!!!! He has all of this in his head ok, He starts off naming all of these gadgets and weapons…. not just the name we call them… he goes scientific names on us… THEN he goes talking about the specs on each and every one of them… like how far the weapon can shoot, how big the weapon is, the size of barrel, the size of the bullet, how fast they can shoot, the type of radars and their specs, missiles and there specs and the many different kinds there are….. THIS IS ALL IN HIS HEAD O_O WHOA!!!!!! My mind was BLOWN haha! He of course researched all of these before he came to the mission because he wanted to know more about the navy… but seriously though!!!!! I give props to the elder for remembering EVERYTHING haha!

So I have a challenge for the ENTIRE family!! I challenge you all to read Moroni 7 and answer these questions that I made:

Why is it important to keep the word of God?

Why must we pray with real intent of heart and not do it grudgingly?

Explain why a man serving the Devil cannot follow Christ and a man serving Christ cannot follow the Devil?

Why is it important to judge the right and the wrong?

Why would any man persuade another man to do evil and “believe not in Christ?”

Why is it important to pray and ask in faith?

In Verse 29 it says “neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men.” So during the apostasy did the angels still minister to them?

How can we endure to the end?

I want this to be a family home evening challenge! As personal FHE or all together as a Family! This chapter IS AMAZING! I taught a lesson, with my companion, on this chapter and it was amazing!!! I studied this scripture and that entire chapter is marked up with different colors! haha because each color ties in together!!! I would give you scriptures that would answer these questions but I want you all to try and figure it out by yourself!!! I never really understood what scripture study really was till I studied this Chapter! Whenever I study the scriptures and if I find them to be really good I’m going to challenge you guys to study and learn what I have from it!!

So anyway me and my Companion, Elder Simms, gave a lesson using this scripture! haha After the lesson our teacher told us how great our lesson was and that the spirit was strong in the room. When we were ending I had him read verses 41 – 48 and right as he started reading I almost cried…. ALMOST!!! The spirit was felt so strongly and I knew that was what he needed!! After that he started reading the scriptures more and prayed more everyday! We taught him twice this week and again I think Friday or Saturday! I love teaching Abinadi, that’s his name. We have the most amazing experiences teaching Abinadi, I don’t know why but teaching a less active is a lot easier! We got him to go to at least an hour of church this Sunday!!! haha YEA!!

So on Sunday we have a movie night and all the movies are based on Joseph Smith, Christ and the Atonement, and the beginnings of the church! Its amazing what is felt at the end of the movies! Last Sunday we watched a movie on a guy named Father Tanner…. I can’t remember his name, but he was a strong catholic member and wanted to know what the difference of the LDS church is with his own and call them out as frauds!!! The first meeting he went he was hooked…. Oh keep in mind this guy is like a billionaire in his time and has a disease that was taking his leg and could take his life soon…. So he asks missionaries for a copy of the B of M and he goes through it with the bible for a couple of days and is converted! He talks with the missionaries again and wants to join and they ask him if he will be baptized. Well he was hesitant of this because of his leg and wow….. it was gruesome let me tell you… haha One of the missionaries challenges his faith that he just gained and asked him:
“Do you, Brother Tanner, have faith in Jesus Christ that he can and will heal your leg completely?”
Brother Tanner new in his faith was being challenged, He looked them in the eye and said, “yes”
One of the missionaries stood and looked him in the eye and said, “by the power of the priesthood and the will of Christ I command you to walk.” or something similar to that.
Brother Tanner started getting up and was about to use his crutches and the missionary told him to not use them and that the lord will provide. At that moment he dropped them and his leg was completely healed!!! He started walking around like a normal person and they ALL were rejoicing!!! oh my goodness… I never felt the spirit like this ever when this happened! They didn’t hesitate on getting baptized later they did it that night!!! SO MUCH FAITH!! WOW!!!! Later on he helps the church with many financial problems and pays for 2 temples, paid for 6 big families with houses and furniture, and so many other things…… They decided to move with the pioneers and he sold his house and 3 other houses that he owned, 2 lumber fields, an island, and like 5 other things that were not cheap and made their trek with the pioneers…. when they finally settled down again they only had $7.25 in his name…. and this guy had THOUSANDS before he gave it to the church!!!! He roughly had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his name… and he gave it to the church for the building of the temples and other things…. and by the end of the movie he was called on a mission and before he left he saw president Joseph Smith and showed him the note that the church owed him…. And Joseph Smith was so grateful for his sacrifice and told him that he will work on paying him back. Brother Tanner took the Note from him and said I don’t need this and that my salvation was the payment back and ripped up the note!!! Joseph Smith then told him Brother Tanner your family from this day on will never have to beg for food anymore! and it so happens that another missionary in another district in my branch is related to this Brother Tanner!!! it says so in his Patriarchal Blessing!!!

Yesterday during class we had practice teaching time and the topic was teaching with the spirit and baptism!!! Me and Elder Ursenbach were companions in this practice! So we go and get ready and before I get started I turn to 2 Nephi 31 and just read the chapter heading a couple of times while I get a small lesson plan made. We are suppose to commit them to baptism and were suppose to do it all in Spanish…. hahaha So finally with lesson plan in mind I start asking questions about baptism to Elder Ursenbach, he is playing a role as an investigator, and it goes so smoothly…. Sure I spoke a few English words but it flowed so smoothly and the spirit was amazingly strong!!! Ursenbach told me that I almost made him cry it was so powerful! haha I surprised myself with how much Spanish I knew…. The spirit truly makes miracles happen!!! Then it was Ursenbach’s turn to teach me and wow….. He to almost made me cry with how powerful the spirit was there!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! HAHA!!!! When the lesson was done and the class was over our teacher was listening to us the entire time almost and she was crying at the end!!! haha I love my night teacher, Yanis, she’s amazing but can be hard on us sometimes! but it’s to prepare us!

Today I went to the Temple, May 1st, and it was amazing!!! Sadly it was still closed and I didn’t get the chance to go through it but the visitor center was still amazing!!!!! We watched a video on families and how important they are to the work of the lord and they are the center of God’s plan! I thought of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU and I was so blessed to have such an amazing family behind me, to support me and help me when I am down! If only I had pesos I would have gotten a few things from the store there!… 😦

I want to thank you all again for the prayers and your love! I want to bare my testimony that I know this church is true and that our Lord and Savior has walked on this earth and has atoned for our sins and was resurrected for us so that we can be cleansed and walk blamelessly before our Loving Heavenly Father and be able to live with him again! I know that the work that I’m doing is most important and that sharing these truths with others and bringing them a chance to taste what Heavenly Father has in store for them. To bring others their salvation and the chance to live together with their family in the next life! I know that the Holy Ghost is always there and will help us feel so much better when times get rough and when we struggle with certain things!!! I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet of God and gains modern day revelation to help us grow as a church, family, and personally!!! I know that we will be blessed if we follow everything the Lord has asked of us, and follow his commandments! I know that families are a big part in the plan God has for us and the importance of them are very special and are sacred in the eye of the Lord!
I leave you guys with my testimony!

I love you guys so very much!!! I hope things are going well back home and that you guys remain strong in these troubling times!!! You are all very special to me!!!

Con sincerio Amor,
Elder Nikolas White

“Yesterday was history, Tomorrows a mystery, but todays a gift, Thats why it is called Present”
Master Uguay

(As his mom I try to fix all the errors he has in his letter but if i missed some I am sorry but the spirit is still there)

DSCN0218[1] (1)
(driving to the LDS visitor center in Mexico City) (it you look close he tried to take a picture of some old Cathedral)
DSCN0219[1] (1)


DSCN0223[1] (1)
(The Mexico City LDS Temple)

(Sister Woods and Sister Johnson)
(Some bush at the Temple)
(The LDS Temple in Mexico City)
(The Christus at the Visitor Center in Mexico City)
(The District: Elder Simms, Elder White (me), Sister Woods, Elder Kimbal, Elder Stewart, in front: Sister Johnson, Elder Lawerence, and Elder Ursenbach)

(Elder Simms and Elder White (me!!))
(Me, Elder White at the Visitor Center at the Mexico City Temple)
(Some Decorative Fountain at the Visitor Center)
(Just some random pictures of the Cathedral and such on the bus ride)





(The District: Elder Simms, Me!! Elder White, Elder Lawerence, Elder Ursenbach, Elder Kimbal, Hermana Woods up front left side, Hermana Johnson, and Elder Stewart)
Elder Simms and Me, Elder White

(I caught Elder White online and we emailed back and forth!! 100 plus emails later. I am so grateful for his growth in the Gospel and how much the Spirit can change a person if they are willing to change. So glad that I have a testimony and that I have the willingness to know that Heavenly Father knows what is best for each of us!!)

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