A Week of Trials and Blessings!

May 8, 2014

Hola Familias!

Thank you for the emails you have sent me! It helps me so much when I read every single one of them! Some weeks are better than others of course when it comes to trials haha! It was good to get the chance to read them all! I hope to be able to answer them all back! I would like to say thank you Mom for you answers you gave me from my questions that I asked! I hope that all of you had the opportunity to read through Moroni 7! I will be looking for some more scriptures challenges!

Whoa Earthquake occurred when I was emailing O_O haha everything is good though here at the CCM we have mountains around us shielding us from the full affect of the earthquake! but if we feel it, It would be a 7 or higher rating O_O hope mexico city is alright!

Well, on Friday last week our teacher, Hermano Pineda, asked us if we would give him a blessing! He asked Elder Kimball to offer it! It was His first blessing and he was so nervous haha and I know myself that its nerve racking for the first time! I gave one to my Dad and I literally stood there for 3 mins trying to figure out what to say! But I learned from the many blessings that I have helped out with the words just seem to flow and what you intended to say ends up being something totally different! That’s the Spirit of the Lord working through you! Its really amazing!

So to answer my parents questions, I leave the CCM on Monday next week at about 1:30 to be at the airport to get everything ready for the plane ride over to El Salvador! O_O whats annoying is we have to be there 3 hours before we actually have to be on the plane -_- if that ain’t annoying I don’t know what is!! haha but its exciting that its already here…. at the same time finally hahaha this 6 weeks feel like months… but not at the same time?! its confusing and strange how it works but it does!!!!

So an experience teaching one of my “investigators” this week, his name is Abinadi, We were originally going to talk to him about eternal families but we got talking with him and I had the feeling to ask how his faith was in the Lord and His Son, Jesus Christ. He said they were good! but then… I ask him how his faith was in himself…. the moment he opened his mouth to talk I know that’s what he was struggling with…. I almost broke down from this because I personally have been struggling with faith in myself even now but I knew exactly how to help him! I started off with Ether 12:27 It talks about God gives us trials and challenges that we may be humble, then Alma 7:22-24, by the way thank you dad for sharing this scripture with me a long time ago!, and then finally Matthew 5:14-16! ye are the light of the world! It helped him so much and he appreciated that we had faith in him and that we believed in him! After we were done I turned to my companion and said, so that’s how it feels when you know you helped someone and made a big impact on there life! it was awesome!
Another experience that we had with an investigator, Me and Elder Simms taught Hermano Pedro and he had problems with girls and parties… yea not getting into that, ANYWAY haha our last time teaching him was yesterday and He told us after our lesson that we have made a huge impact in his life and he is grateful for it and is striving to receive the priesthood and to be like me and my companion! WHOA!!!!!!!!! Of course our investigators are profiles and acted out but STILL!!!!! Missionary work is hard but is very rewarding like it says in D&C section 18:10, 14-16 says… haha I hope I get many experiences and feelings that I felt in the field!!!

So as a district, We are writing letters to each other so that we can have something to read on the plane ride to our mission fields!! its awesome and very thoughtful if i do say so myself!!! the Hermanas in the District thought of it first and we all decided it would be a good idea!!! Its going to be hard to go our separate ways… but we plan on doing a district reunion when we get home from our missions!!! haha SO EXCITED!! 😀 but its a ways away but I hope we can do it!

So an Elder in my Casa from another District was having a hard time and he was struggling with the language and felt like he wasn’t doing enough or working hard enough and stuff like that. We gave him a blessing and we talked with him for literally an hour and a half and helped him out! It was the most amazing thing ever and the spirit was felt so strong that night…. After that he felt so much better and thanked us! granted it was midnight when we finally were done cause I said we need to sleep but he was extremely grateful! Its weird how the Spirit works through missionaries and not just missionaries but everyone else too! its amazing!

So the last thing, The language has been improving a bit and its been awesome but there are still times when I feel very inadequate, like I’m not going anywhere… but with the help of the spirit and my awesome district I have felt so much better since!!! I love how my district gets along so well and how we can help each other and literally be a family!

Thank you all for your wonderful prayers on my behalf! I know that I can feel them when I retire for the night. I usually cant sleep unless I have music playing in my ears but now the moment I close my eyes a few minutes later im out like a light! I have you guys to thank and also to my Heavenly Father! I love you all and hope things are going well!!!

Con sincerio Amor,
Elder Nikolas White

(We get to talk to Elder White on Sunday May 11,2014 for Mother’s Day at 3:30 pm his time, 2:30 pm our time!!)

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2 Responses to A Week of Trials and Blessings!

  1. shelly Flake says:

    Sounds like he is doing amazing! Love that he felt an earthquake right while he was emailing. Enjoy your visit with him tomorrow. We can’t wait. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

    • kanc35 says:

      Thank you Shelly!! We were over at the Boulder Ridge Stake Center celebrating Kerry’s Dad’s 75th Birthday yesterday and we were playing kickball and I noticed Andrews name for the project he did and I was so grateful that Nikolas and he are going to be serving in the same mission!! We love you and hope you have a great Mother’s Day today also!! Nikolas flies out tomorrow to start serving in El Salvador!! Yippee!!

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