First week in El Salvador!

May 19, 2014

Hola Familias y Amigoes!!!

WHOA!!!! First week in El Salvador and its…. really shocking :/ I have had a huge culture shock…. But its all good! I will get used to it!!! El Salvador is really beautiful and full of life! LITERALLY!!!! I forgot my camera at home…. so I wont be sending pictures this week šŸ˜¦ sorry everyone!!! Love you all though!!!

So when I first got to El Salvador there was only 4 new missionaries on Monday. Then I went through the temple on Tuesday and 10 or 11 new missionaries from Guatemala MTC (arrived)! It’s awesome! And the temple was beautiful!!! I didn’t have my camera on me so I didn’t take any pictures! Sorry again šŸ˜¦ next time i will!

My new companion is Elder Chuj! He is a Latino and is amazing! He is very nice and very supportive! I was having a really hard time yesterday and he helped me with what I was feeling! He was an answer to my prayer that day and I was so grateful! Elder Chuj helps me a lot to understand what the people are saying and helps me a lot with the language! He has faith that I will understand more than 70% of the language in 6 weeks! Next transfers! haha I hope that would be the case! and I speak more than I understand… Its weird but it’s a blessing that’s for sure!

So my first area I am in is Rosa Linda 2!!! ITS HUGE!!!! there are 4 missionaries that are in this area to cover everything! That’s including me and my companion! Most of my area is in the jungle area and a little bit of the city Rosa Linda! I think that’s what the city is called :X At least it should be because of the name of the area haha I’m still learning all of this…. be patient with me!! šŸ˜‰ The area is really beautiful and I love it here!

In my area me and my companion have a set baptism for Walter and his wife Sarai! They are wonderful people and very down to earth! They are one amazing family and they love the gospel!! They went to church with us Sunday and they are amazing! They have a son I cant remember his name though.. haha.

Thank you all for your many blessings on my be half and your love for me! thank you for all your support and all that you have done for me when i was home and the things you are doing for me now that i am on my mission! It’s amazing how fast time flies! I cant believe I have been out here for a week already! I love you all!

Elder Nikolas White

(I was able to email with him for only a minute! He is very homesick and the Culture is very different, but I know that he will be a great missionary and that he will strive to do his best!! He wants to come home but he also said He won’t!! He will get used to it and the Lord will bless him greatly!! We can all do hard things!!)

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One Response to First week in El Salvador!

  1. Yay! He arrived safe and sound. Now go get ’em you skinny, white kid from Utah.

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