Time flies!!!!!

May 26, 2014

Hola Friends and Family!

I’m going to be honest with you all, this week has been really rough.. hahaha but In all honesty I feel a little bit better and feel like I can do this! I just need to focus more on the work and not worry about not being able to understand what others are saying! I want to thank you all for you prayers on my behalf and your love for me! I am grateful for all my wonderful friends and family that I have cheering me on and helping me move forward!

So a little bit more about my companion! Elder Chuj is from Guatemala and has been out in the field for about 3 months now! He is very helpful, very patient, and comforts me a lot when I am in need of it! He is turning into a brother to me and it helps me so much!

So Sarai and Walter baptism date in for the 14 of June! I am extremely excited and happy for them! Also we just recently got someone new too his name is Jose Pinto! His mother just recently passed away and we have been teaching him the lessons and he has been taking it all in!!! Yesterday I taught baptism to him and the importance of it to him and I commited him to baptism!! He said yes to the first part… but said no to the date… the 28 of June… haha But my companion said that we will keep trying with him to make a date the goal! I hope we can get it soon! that would be amazing!

So i tried my first papusas I think last week and they are freakin delicious!!!! haha I love it! I want to eat more!!! haha but I need to be careful with the mission money haha But seriously they are delicious!!!

So me, my companion, and the district leaders had splits this week! the leader district needed to meet all of our investigators and i am not sure what else the district leader needed to do haha but in all honesty… elder Patroncino is a lot different and is hard to communicate with haha he speaks very soft and fast hahaha it was annoying and hard…. :/ but I pushed through it like this week!

Since I have been out here I have learned quite a lot. I need to be more patient, more faith in myself and in my savior I know he will help me in times of need wants to bless me I just have to have the faith and ask for it and work hard for it!

My testimony has grown so much as well and I want to share it with you all.

I testify that my savior lives and loves each and everyone of us! same with our heavenly father. heavenly father knows our needs and our problems and wants to help us and give us what we truly need! we need to do our part and work hard for it and the blessings and our needs will be full filled. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and was called of God to restore the gospel of Jesus Christ and his church! I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and receives modern day revelation for us to help us in these hard troubling times! I know that the power and authority of God has been restored and we have that power on the earth once again! I know that the atonement works for EVERYTHING not just to make us feel clean once again but also help us with our feelings as well that we are feeling or the pains we are afflicted with. I know once again that my redeemer lives and loves each and every one of us! I leave you with my testimony!

Thank you all again for you prayers and your love! I hope i got everything in this email and answered all of your questions!!! I love you all!!

sincerio y mucho amor,

Elder Nikolas White


DSCN0258[1] (1)

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