Hey Family and Friends!

June 9, 2014

SO, I said that i would write about the baptism… well that hasn’t happened yet haha MY BAD!!!! Its going to happen this Sunday! I’m so excited!! Sarai and Walter are amazing and are so spiritual and kind as well haha! I’m so happy for them to making and keeping the their first covenant to the Lord! I get to visit them Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7 all the time! its awesome so see how much they grow in the gospel every visit!

Me and my companion have 3 new investigators that have accepted a baptismal date for the 12 of July! haha so all together we have about 6 baptisms coming up! This Saturday Sarai and Walter, 28 of June Daisy, and 12 of July Rena and her 2 kids! It was awesome how strong the spirit was felt there when we taught them. They are listening intently every time we teach.

So there is this sweet bread that I love SO MUCH!!! It has sugar on top of it and its SO DELICIOUS!!! hahaha I get them ALL the time even in the MTC haha!

Me and Elder Chuj get Papusas a lot…. haha they are SO DELICIOUS! Re fried beans, cheese, and this homemade salsa stuff its ALL so delicious! Danny Shakespeare wasn’t kidding about how delicious they are! I should keep a record of how much I eat before I leave on my mission! haha that would be cool!

Well family I’m sorry I haven’t got much to write this week… but things are going well and the work is hard but is extremely good! I will have more to write next week!!!

I love you all!

Elder White





(Mommy Moment: We emailed his package today for his birthday. It included 2 starbursts packages of candy, Mamba’s from Joel and Trish, a thumb drive with music, toothbrush heads for his toothbrush (which I told him he will just have to buy some regular toothbrushes) and letters. It cost me 36 bucks only because it was under 4 pounds (only just) if it would have been more weight it would have gone up to 60 bucks!! Needless to say I am not doing that again!! I will just have to deposit money for him to with drawl and he can buy himself something down there. Holy buckets!! I think I am broke!! It is highway robbery and to be honest I hope he gets the package.)

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2 Responses to Hey Family and Friends!

  1. Shelly Flake says:

    Yay for upcoming baptisms! The first package I mailed was $75.! That was the large priority box. The stuff inside wasn’t worth that much! Papuans are great. I think we are going to get Papusas this weekend in honor of Andrew’s birthday on Saturday.

  2. Kim Syphus says:

    Erik LOVED papusas! There is a place in Provo that he and his friends go to quite often that sells papusas for a buck a piece. He took us there once and I really enjoyed them. And yes, the postage is awful. I only sent Erik something on Christmas and his bday and did cheap things (or transferred money) for the rest. It’s kind of nice that Katelyn’s mission doesn’t even allow packages. It’s been much easier and less stressful to just send her the money 🙂

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