Whoa… Flying by fast, But also many great experiences

June 23, 2014

Buenas Familias y Amigos!

So much has happened this week that I don’t know if I can write it all and remember it all!!! haha and seeing ALL of them are in Spanish I don’t really understand that much haha but that’s alright it’s the spirit that counts right?!?!

I will start of with Wednesday. Wednesday we had a meeting with the Mission President, and for the record they are leaving this Wednesday. They have finished their 3 year mission O_O whoa… hahaha. But the meeting was really good for what I could understand! We talked a lot about obedience, patience, love for the investigators, follow the spirit, and many other things that have to do with the mission. Then we celebrated their anniversary and they bought 2 of the GIANT cakes…. PUCHIKA!!! hahah they were huge!! That was considered my birthday cake 😉 haha no not really but still haha. By the way puchika means freaking xD ❤ we say that a lot here :X So this was my 2nd to last time seeing my mission president.

Friday, taught in the district meeting about "how to teach with the spirit" and wow… I learned more than I could teach ahaha. I will say that I DID teach by the spirit! haha cause honestly… I still don't know how to speak the language very good and my zone leaders were there… well one of them haha and I was pretty nervous, He was a Latino from Dominican Republic! But I taught that the spirit is the teacher not us. We are only vessels that the spirit uses to help get the words out and then speaks to the heart of the investigators. Then with every lesson we need to invite the spirit and listen to our investigators so we can change our lessons to fit their needs! It was very cool afterwards my zone leader told me… Puchika elder…. if I didn't know you from the beginning you would have been a latino through my ears hahaha…. That's the spirit for you 😛

Now for my latest baptism! First of all her name is Lorena Perez Mendez, which is a lot longer name than this but its all i remember haha, and I heard that missionaries in the past and the Mission President have been working on her for MONTHS!!! It wasn't till after Sarai and Walters baptism that she decided to be baptized… So This was really special to President and Sister Glazier and it was really special…. The spirit was felt so strongly there and was so special for EVERYONE there! I think it was more powerful than Sarai and Walters baptism and that was strong haha….

Well I don't have anymore time and I want to thank you for your prayers and your birthday wishes haha… Thank you all for your never ending support and love for me!

con mucho amor y mucho gratitud

Elder Nikolas White

(Just a mommy's note!! I hate the word freakin', now he will say it in Spanish!! Ugh!!)

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