4th baptism this month!

June 30, 2014

Buenas, Familia y Amigos!

I don’t really have much to write about for this week but I will talk about my district meeting and about the baptism I had! haha it’s my 4th one this month!!! O_O me and my companion hope to keep up the baptisms every month and have at least 4 every month! that’s the goal but if we can get our investigators to keep up with the commitments that would be amazing… haha

So first the District meeting. Elder Gutierrez, my district leader, had us talk in english why we chose to go on a mission! Well…. This is actually pretty personal to me but I was willing to share it as I am now. The reason or reasons I am serving on a mission is because of my grandma’s experience she had, Marva Cutler. I won’t share her experience cause I don’t have her permission but her willingness to keep pushing forward and to serve others to the best of her ability is very uplifting and very life changing, if truth be told. Also in my patriarchal blessing it talks a lot about my mission that I will, am, serve(ing). Then having many great people before serve a mission and seeing how much it has affected there lives for the better and their amazing stories, My desire to serve and to bring more of God’s children to Christ has increased dramatically.

The baptism that we had last weekend was pretty good. My companion was the one that baptised her, Daisy Ansora. we have been working hard on her to stop drinking coffee, but finally she stopped completely and it made her daughter, Paola, extremely happy. Paola was baptised and confirmed awhile back when my zone leader was in my area. I am not sure the date but that’s ok!

I am actually enjoying this work a lot! Seeing the gospel change the lives of so many is the most rewarding feeling ever! What I would like is to have 2 of our investigators to accept a baptismal date too but they haven’t attended church or prayed about the book of Mormon and all… One is Reina she has attended church yet… her problem is with her son that i think is in the hospital and can only go and see him on Sundays for I don’t know for how long… then Jose Pintor who hasn’t prayed or attended church and both are extremely good people and this gospel has changed them so much! If only they can go to church… haha but we are working on them and hope to have better results soon!

Well, this is all that has really happened this week but I want to let you guys know that I love each and everyone of you and I am extremely grateful for all your support! I wish I had more time to write I love you all and hope things are going well back home!

Con mucho amor y mucho gratitud,

Elder White

Cool Picture!!

I think this is of his district.

4th Baptism!!

Chuj, White
Elder Chuj and Elder White with Mission Pres and his wife Elder and Sister Glazier!!

Rosalinda bapt Lorena Mendoza(3)
Another Baptism!

Flake, Gaitan
This is Elder Flake and Elder Gaitan (Elder Flake is Elder White’s Buddy from home!! Love you Elder Flake!!)

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4 Responses to 4th baptism this month!

  1. shelly Flake says:

    Great pictures! Nik is sure off and running with the baptisms! Love his testimony of why he is serving. It brings tears to my eyes. Dan’s mother is in the Kolab care center and I think of Marva, every time I enter the doors (every day!) She was always so uplifting to everyone who visited her. She is also one of my heros! Go Nik, Go!!!

  2. Trish White says:

    He looks really happy. We are so excited to read the enthusiasm in his emails…terrific young man. We love him!!!! 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    He does look happy and TALL! I can’t believe how much he towers over everyone. He’s a great young man!

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