My new Mission Pres

July 7, 2014

Buenas Familias y amigos!

Today I got the opportunity to meet my new Mission President! He’s one amazing guy, same with his wife, Sister Vasquez. They are so full of the spirit and love for us, I am actually happy to have him as a Mission President! I will miss President and Sister Glazier! But the opportunity to serve with a new Mission President is pretty cool!

I had a good experience when fasting this past Sunday and I never really had an experience like this ever before and I never truly fasted. This past Sunday I was feeling overwhelmed and the pressure was building up inside me. As I was starting my fast and was praying this nice calming feeling came over me and I felt relieved and felt so much better! Through out Saturday night and Sunday morning I felt really good and peaceful.

This reminds me of a story in the Book of Mormon about the wars and contentions in the land of the Nephites. But my all time favorite is the 2000 stripling warriors. They had so much faith and trust in Lord that every battle that they fought in they were never afraid. Not one of those brave sons of Helaman died in the war! They fought for their family and for their parents! Now let’s put it in the mission perspective. There are about 80 thousand missionaries? If I’m correct serving missions, serving the Lord and fighting in the war between the adversary and the Heavenly Angels. We are to search for the children of Heavenly Father that are lost and taken captive by the invisible army of Satan and help bring them to Christ to see the many blessings that they can receive. Not only the blessings but know for certain that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power and authority of the holy priesthood is once again restored on the earth thanks to a little boy, Joseph Smith, at the age of 14 years asked, what church is true? Sure there are many servants of the adversary but there are more Heavenly Angels that can over power them.

I say this now because I just finished reading all the war chapters in Alma! I thought this and I thought that I need to have that much faith, confidence, and trust in my Lord and Savior like those 2000 stripling warriors! I am grateful for the scriptures and all that I can learn from them! I learn something new everyday that helps me and also helps my investigators!

I’m sorry but I don’t have any new pictures and I’m on a computer that’s using Ubuntu… haha and I don’t know how to work this system! but I love you all and grateful for all that you do!

con mucho amor y mucho gratitud

Elder White

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One Response to My new Mission Pres

  1. shelly Flake says:

    We are excited for the new mission president as well! I just finished Alma too. This time I really enjoyed and learned from the war chapters as well. He is doing so well!

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