Not a whole lot happened

July 14, 2014

Well, I feel bad but I haven’t really had much happen this week but other than I had one pretty amazing experience with a new investigator.

This investigator lives just in front of us and how we contacted him was kind of funny. We were waiting on a bus to show up and there were none showing up. well this guy that lives in front of us pulls up to us and offers us a ride and we take it. we talk to him a little bit and hes one amazing guy! haha well we set up an appointment to see him and teach him the first lesson. Wednesday, I believe, we went to visit him. We chat for awhile just to get to know him and his family. unfortunately not everyone was there, his wife and 2 daughters are in the states visiting family! but during the lesson you could feel the spirit getting stronger as the lesson went on. it was the best lesson i have taught since the MTC… haha it was amazing! after the lesson and he gave the closing prayer he gave thanks to heavenly father for sending us to him and giving him the answer to his problems with his family….. wow… That was amazing! I am grateful for investigators like him cause it reminds me of the reason I am out here on the mission.

Well I don’t have pictures again… its hard to get pictures here with all the gangs and crap that goes on here… haha If I’m not careful… something bad could happen! haha well I will try my best to get more pictures for you guys to see how things are here!

I love you all and thank you for your constant love and support for me! it helps so much! I love you all!!

Elder White

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