I think I got everyone this time =X

July 28, 2014

Buenas Amigos y Familia!

Forgive me… If i haven’t got everyone in the big emails…. Sometimes it doesn’t show all the people that I send it to from the last emails… but I will do better!

So…. This week has gone by FAST!!!!! 0_0…… So for the district meeting last week I shared a picture and a poem my mom has sent to me that basically talks about never giving up and to rise each time you fall! whoa….. This was an amazing experience! because lately our areas have been failing a little bit and we have been down hearted because of it. And when I shared the picture and poem and gave my testimony… the spirit was amazingly strong!

So about me and my companion we are doing well still and we are extremely nervous for transfers next week….. august 6 (i know i spelled that wrong…. Spanish is taking over :P) He doesn’t want to leave and I don’t want to train…. HAHAA!!! funny how that works…. but seriously I had the presidents assistant call me up and ask how i was doing… after they called, my district leader was freaking out. The ward that I’m serving in is going to have a split soon… Rosalinda ward and probably the La Loma branch…. and with that in mind… my area will probably change, most likely going to train (flip my Spanish ISN’T great at all… haha), probably opening the area, AND (me as) possibly branch president…. FLIP!!!!!!!!!!… but that’s just what he said…. but something deep inside tells me that probably most of that is true…. I read my patriarchal blessing a lot and it talks about my mission a lot as well… So with all of this on my mind its kind of freaking me out!!! haha but I will do what the lord wants me and needs me to do! this is his time and not my time of luxury and enjoyment (entertainment enjoyment)

What I can’t believe is that I have about 4 months on the mission already!!! 0_0 whoa…. that’s been fast haha…. I love my mission so far, even if I can’t speak or understand the language very well but I am grateful for the call to serve! it’s been really good so far and I have seen a lot of changes in the lives of others!

Thank you for your constant support and love! I’m happy things are doing well at home!!!!

Con mucho amor y mucho gratitud
Elder Nikolas White

(As his mom, his spelling stinks!! I have to fix a lot of errors. I have no idea how that kid pasted English classes!! No wonder he is struggling to learn Spanish, but I love him anyway!! And he is right his blessing is amazing!!)

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