Week of Transfers!!!

Aug. 4, 2014

Buenas Dias Familia y Amigos!

So this week is transfers!!!! but I wont know if i get transferred till tomorrow night!!!…. which is rather lame but its because they don’t want us to be lazy the days before transfers! so it keeps us on our toes! but something tells me that i will be in my same area but with a new companion! i wont be training cause my district leader said that our zone doesn’t have any trainers this change! which I am extremely happy about! haha! I am weird… I want a change but i also don’t! I know I had some rough times with Elder Chuj but I also had my greatest with him! Hes been a good companion and I hate to see him go but also want to see him go! LOL flippen’ mixed emotions =P gotta love them!

So I got a letter from Devon that talked about faith and self confidence! I would like to shed a few of my own personal thoughts and things that I learned about this! and a good example I will use will be Moses!

So first of all faith! What is faith? If you want a literally meaning from the scriptures faith is something we believe in but we haven’t seen and hope that it’s there! Also Faith without works is dead! It’s an action! If we have perfect knowledge of something than we don’t have the faith in that thing because we have perfect knowledge of it! If we had perfect knowledge of Heavenly Father we wouldn’t have faith in him or Jesus Christ! So faith is something EXTREMELY important in everything we do! also Hope!

Second self confidence. I’m going to go straight into Moses with this one! When Moses first was called by Heavenly Father, the burning bush, and was called to lead the people from Egypt he had no confidence to do it! He couldn’t even speak well in front of people and he had to bring the people, thousands and thousands of people, out of Egypt to the promise land! He had NO confidence in himself that he could do this… He said that there were better people out there in the world that could do a better job at doing this. Something the Lord said ¨I choose those that are prepared and adequate for the job!¨ Something to the lines of that! God doesn’t choose garbage… and none of us are garbage!! He chooses those that are humble in heart, have great faith, and are more prepared than they think they are.

This is like a missionary if you think about it! When I first started my mission I was feeling inadequate and like I couldn’t do this! But Heavenly Father knows me more than I know myself and knows the things that I can become! If that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is! But I know for certain that Heavenly father called me to where I am now because there are people here only I can touch and bring them to Christ!

Thank you all for you constant support and love!!!! And thank you Devon for sharing your learning experience! It was a testimony builder for me as well! Till next week!!!!

Con mucho amor y mucho gratitud
Elder White

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