Transfers, New Area, New Companion!

Aug. 11, 2014,

Buenas Familia y Amigos!

Well I had transfers on Wednesday last week! And I happened to be transferred to the hottest area and it NOTHING but mountains! My new companion is Elder Rodriguez and he’s from Peru!!! haha He’s SO nice and extremely excited for this companionship! He’s a hard worker and is always asking how I´m doing! It’s like the complete opposite of my last companion Elder Chuj! lol…. but the area is really good! and I just got into the stormy season…. I wore the wrong type of shoes…. I wore the ones that have TONS of holes in them to keep my feet fresh and stuff…. well they are still wet and the storm was like… friday or saturday! hahaha I was soaked to the bone but it was amazing!!!! =D

today as a zone we watched a movie called Ephriam´s (Ephriam’s Rescue (Mom added)….. something…. Its like 17 miracles or by the same people that made that movie and wow…. that was amazing! you guys should look it up and buy it! It’s so amazing and it’s a lot like 17 miracles!

Sorry for not taking many pictures! I haven’t been taking any lately just because of how dangerous it is here and also how the gangs will look through your stuff and take whatever they please…. hahaha! and I don’t really have much to write about… other than I got a baptism this week! And then the following week I got another one saturday! This week the guys name is Rene! He’s an amazing guy! He has had a really rough life! and I know I only know him for about 5ish days but I can see a desire that he wants to change his life! He’s really amazing!!! The other one is Mother Lolly haha that’s what we call her! I want to say she’s Grandma and Pa White´s age but I´m not sure on that one, maybe a little older! I don’t really know her that well cause we only have visited her about 2 or 3 times but she reminds me of Grandma White!

Well I don’t know what else to write!!! but I´m loving the mission! I love you all and I miss you all!!!!

con mucho amor y mucho gratitud

Elder White

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