Week of many splits

Aug. 18, 2014

Buenas Dias Familia y Amigos

Well, I had two different splits! one with Elder Llamacponcca in my district. and another one with Elder Aritas in my zone! I wasn’t really sure why the first split was necessary but that’s alright! I got to learn a little bit more with Elder Llamacponcca! his area is amazing…. It’s not very mountainous…. haha just you can have an idea most of the roads in El Salvador are stone slab roads. and at times…. it’s nothing but sharp, pointy rocks… that’s rather annoying! and then if it’s not asphalt or stone slabs, or sharp, pointy rocks… it’s nothing but dirt… or mud if it rained haha and the rain here really comes down… its really cool! haha. In Elder Aritas area it is about the same as Elder Llamacponcca but a little cooler temperature wise! and a lot more gangs =X but nothing really to worry about! they don’t really bother us in these areas which I’m actually really happy about!

Saturday, my zone had a little MTC experience for all the ward leaders and DL’s, ZL’s in our zone. This was to help the members understand their role in the mission work! and it was really amazing! I learned a lot that we as missionaries are only here to help and assist the work! while the members are the ones to go visit the less actives, get references for us missionaries and stuff like that! whoa… that was a really strong meeting! President Vasquez was the one that came up with this little meeting! it was awesome!

I almost forgot, I didn’t have a baptism last week…. or this week… Rene, which was for last weekend, basically ran away from his baptism…. He was with some aunts and uncles that are anti-mormons and they have been talking to him a lot since they found out we were teaching him. and it’s really annoying cause he can’t really make a choice on his own… it’s kinda of frustrating haha but what it really comes down to it is to know the situation a little bit more and what’s really going on! I hope that he will come to learn more about what we are trying to do for him!

Then Moma Loly moved her baptism date to september 1st… and that’s a monday… we are hoping we can move it up to the weekend or the other weekend and that she will be ok with it! if not.. well thats ok too i guess haha i wont enjoy the last 2 or 3 hours of my p-day that day =P

I love you guys so much and To let you all know things are going well here in el salvador! Im loving my new area, minus all the mountains, and i am loving my companion! we work well together and we get a long so well!!! I am happy to be his companion! if you didn’t catch his name in the last email it is Elder Rodriguez! from peru! not sure what part of peru but its basically a desert… that sells tons and tons of fish! haha! Thank you all for you wonderful prayers and support!

Well I have one photo of my companion! I will try and get more pictures for next week!

Elder Rodriguez
Little Kitten


(I have to put in a few words, sometimes I have no idea what Nikolas is talking about. He (I think) thinks that he has told us things which he hasn’t. And sometimes he just writes things that make no sense to me but hopefully it makes sense to him. I also have no idea that he had a baptism set that fell through or the one that he is talking about in September. Funny Kid but at least he writes.)

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