Elder Okao?

Aug. 25, 2014

Mi querido armoroso familia y amigos!

Well, one of the quorum of the seventy visited us!!! I think his name was Elder Okao… or something like that!!! but it was amazing! we had a good conference on faith and the atonement! The Atonement is the key in everything! if we have fears, sadness, pains, sins, etc. Our Lord and Savior knows all of it! If we come to him and ask for help and have a change of heart, we can feel his love, his forgiveness, and his comforting spirit with us! we are all able to use the atonement and its a huge blessing for us!!! sorry I would put more…. but do I remember all of it? no haha and do i understand all of it? haha no… XD sorry D=

So I had a really good lesson thursday night with the Elders presidents family!!! They are one amazing family!!! They are a family of 5 and me and Elder Rodas ( we were on splits) taught the mom and the 2 daughters and wow… they are well prepared!!! They listened to the lesson with “open ears and heart.” They asked a lot of questions and are ready for the gospel in their lives! Then the mother said that she had a dream about going to the temple with her family…. oh snap…. I dont know about you guys but I think thats a HUGE sign to her that this is what the lord wants for her and that this is the original church that Christ established in his time!!!

So…. I’ve decided I need to exercise a lot more…. haha I’m starting to gain a little weight…. =_= haha and ALL of you thought that was impossible!!!!!! I blame all the grease and all the papusus that I eat!!! XD but I have to say you can’t stay away from the papusus!!!! they are just too good!!!!! If you do get papusus in St.george or where ever warning you now stay away from the pork!!! or chicharon!!! It’s better without it haha but it might be different there in the states but I’m not sure!!! It’s better with beans and cheese or just straight cheese!!! Whatever you prefer but beans and cheese is the best thing ever!!!

Well…. Not much is going on here other than I wrote… it’s been rough climbing all the hills and mountains and the HOT sun beating on your back 😛 but hey its all good for experience =D but If there is one thing I can ask for is to pray for one of my investigators name Rene… he has some family members that are anti mormons and they are convincing him to stay away from us and not to be baptized…. if you can pray for him to have the strength to make his own decision, have more faith and confidence in the Lord and Heavenly Father that would be AMAZING!!!

I love you all and grateful for all of your emails and Letters!!! I love you all and hope you have a great and marvelous week!!!!

Elder White

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