Baptism and ROBBED D:

September 8, 2014

Buenisimo Familia y Amigos,

Well… Yesterday was my first day of being robbed!!!!! lol that was fun. They only took our crappy 5 or 10 dollar phone and we took out the calling chip so we could still have all the numbers of the mission president, missionaries, and our leaders! LOL that was exciting…. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking when they saw our beat up phone and just took it. It’s really funny to think about.

So I had a baptism last weekend! Sister Dolores Loly! wow… That baptismal service was really amazing and full of spirit! Sister Loly is about…. 70ish years old! but there were TONS of members there to support her! wow… If we had ALL those members helping us in this work, we could have more positive investigators! So my camera died… So I wasn’t able to get pictures of the baptism! I’m going to have to get them from my companion!

Well, Little ol’ Chinameca is pretty relaxing. Other than the fact I was robbed my first time and having to climb mountains all day everyday, It’s very relaxing AND very green! I have yet to take pictures of my area, but I will when I get more batteries for my camera and pray that the gangs don’t search my bag for it!

I learned something really amazing about obedience and also the different ways the each and every missionary teaches. First with obedience comes great and wonderful blessings. For example if we are obedient to the rules that we are given, the Lord will bless us with the investigators that he has prepared for us! Then the different ways that each and every missionary teaches is what helps with this work. I have realized that if we ALL taught the same boring way, we wont have as much success. I have realized that those missionaries that focus on statistics and numbers don’t really have much success as well. When we focus on statistics we lose sight of the needs of those we teach. Because we give lessons basically with flip charts and don’t express our testimonies and faith to those investigators. I realized the difference with my first companion and my second. the first didn’t focus on numbers and statistics, he focused on how we could help the investigators to progress and to be baptized and not focus on those that aren’t willing to progress. Then he changed because he got chewed out from our district leader about not doing well in “numbers and statistics” and the work wasn’t as successful. Then my companion now, who is a district leader, focuses more on numbers and statistics then how we can help those progress and not focus on those that aren’t willing to progress. The work isn’t as successful and I think we lose sight of the help of the Lord and we become prideful. Those that don’t have that much success is because the Lord needs them to be more humble and rely more on the Him. This is what I have learned this past week and I hope that I can change the ways of how most missionaries rely on statistics and numbers. yea its good to have goals but make goals then PLAN on how your going to make those goals with the help of the Lord!

Thank you all once again for your never ending support! I love each and everyone of you and hope things are going well! I cant believe that my third transfer is almost over!!! Next Wednesday is transfers again and I cant believe how fast time flies when you have a great companion and you work hard everyday! its amazing!

I love you guys and hope things are going well!!

Elder White

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