Week of transfers AND another interesting sunday…..

September 15, 2014

Querido amable familias y amigos,

Well first I want to say, wow it’s Monday again! 2nd, puchika it’s transfers again…. 3rd PUCHIKA I COULD BE THE NEW DISTRICT LEADER!!!! DX well… there’s the dramatic side of me for you all! My week has been pretty good AND very VERY interesting….. sure it was only Sunday that was really interesting and heart racing but hey it’s alright!

So I´ll start off about yesterday, Sunday…. So you all remember that i was robbed last Sunday? HA!!!! well yesterday me, my companion, and a member of the church were followed by some drunk guy in his car… we were close to our house when we decided to circle back to the police station! LOL the fool followed us all the way there and the police officers threatened to shoot him if he didn’t get out of the car and give them his keys and ID!!! Well come to find out he was more than drunk from this… No matter what we did to get away from him when he was following us he would turn to reverse as quick as possible, speed up to stay literally at our feet. I felt like he had a gun in his car but we, even now, do not know for certain if he did or not… but when the officers interrogated him, the only excuse he had was because we had suits and asked why we had suits or something to that measure… wow I was about to pummel this guy…. So all is well and no harm done… for the rest of this week I’m going to be a little more cautious about returning home for the night till I know for certain that there is no one else following us…. wow… me and Elder Rodriguez were thinking, ¨what else will happen next week?¨thats a topic I would rather stay away from!!! lol….

So I had interchanges last week with Elder Rodas in my area and we contacted this less active member! At first we thought he was an investigator because he was really excited for us to come visit him. Come to find out that he’s a member and his wife isn’t and they are moving to the States next month or so! He really wants to better his life and have a better life for his family! Now this is what missionary work is all about!!!!! I’m really excited to teach him and his family for the little time they have left here in El Salvador and I hope that when they move to the states that the missionaries there will treat them good and bring them to the church! especially the father, Henry Murillo!

So I found out that there’s another disease that is stronger than dengue…………. It’s chikungunya and it can stay in your body for 3 years…. it’s like having arthritis and your body really has no energy to do ANYTHING…. LOL the trials that we have to go through!

Well, Thank you all for your never ending love and your support! I´m happy I’m a missionary helping those in need!

Love you all,

Elder White

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