Week of hardship and trials

September 29, 2014

Buenas Tardes Mi Familia Y Amigos,

Well im here to report that Fransisco Córdova was NOT read for baptism…. and he never passed his baptism interview… He will be seeing President Vasquez and seeing if he has repented of everything. Well this is what happens also when you don’t teach with power and love for the investigators.. haha but when Elder Rodas, my district leader, said that he couldn’t be baptized and needed to speak with our president that he started having doubts and had a lot of questions that don”t pertain to him… its true like Brittney has said in her talk that Satan is working hard. The harder the missionaries work the harder Satan works as well. It”s really challenging but the blessings and the rewards from sticking to the iron rod and continually move forward are rich and faith building.

So Sunday rolls around, firstly WOW how fast time is flying, and we had another meeting in San Miguel with President Vasquez and one of the area 70s… I don’t remember his name. But the meeting was about missionary work and how the MEMBERS of the church are suppose to be the ones DOING the work. That we as missionaries are only here to help and to strengthen the members and the ward or branch. I can testify that the referrals from the members are A LOT better than the referrals that we, as missionaries, find on our own. they are more prepared to listen and to accept the gospel than those that we find on our own. but yet again as we find them on our own they begin to feel the light of Christ that is in all of us from the beginning of time. The light of Christ is what brings these people to Christ and to make those covenants.

Well things are going well with my companion! we get along so well and love working with each other! Of course we will have days where ALL of our appointments fall through and we get rejected but as I have learned so far on my mission is that they are the ones rejecting their salvation! there are those that are more prepared and are the golden investigators, others that just want to bible bash, and others that just refuse us and make up excuses, which is pretty funny!

So I went to the temple Thursday and that was really great! I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to the El Salvador temple 3 times in the first year of my mission! and let me tell you it”s not getting any easier in Spanish… hahaha but I am grateful for the opportunity to have gone to the temple 3 times within my first year!

Well Thank you all for your prayers and emails! I love you all and I hope we all learn something new this weekend with General Conference!!!! Stay awake 😉 and listen well! it will be a great conference!!!!

Till next week!
Elder Nikolas White

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