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HA! earthquake and faith in the priesthood

October 20, 2014 Buenas Familia y Amigos! Well first of all monday we had an earthquake! haha that was pretty fun! it was my first earthquake I have experienced here! and that was pretty cool! of course everything is well … Continue reading

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El Salvador reports some damage after 7.4-magnitude quake

October 13, 2014 A powerful 7.4-magnitude quake shook the Pacific coast of Central America on Tuesday, causing some damage and killing at least one person in El Salvador. The quake was deep (70.5 kilometers or 43 miles) but close to … Continue reading

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Oh esta Todo buen (Oh this All Good)

October 13, 2014 Buenas Dias familia y amigos, Well, all is going well. My companion recovered from his Chikungunya and I refuse to get it! haha. Something I forgot to add in my last email, I went to this lake … Continue reading

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Chikungunya Fever STRIKES!!!! and many disappointments….

October 6, 2014 My dearly beloved friends and family! Apparently conference was really great! But I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it in English…. only in Spanish… que chafa este bolado… haha but as I was somewhat listening and … Continue reading

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