HA! earthquake and faith in the priesthood

October 20, 2014

Buenas Familia y Amigos!

Well first of all monday we had an earthquake! haha that was pretty fun! it was my first earthquake I have experienced here! and that was pretty cool! of course everything is well and no one was harmed! but those houses that were rotten and were bound to fall on its own fell through! but luckily no one was hurt! the earthquake was something like 8.5 or something like that! that reminds me of the one that happened in mexico when I was at the MTC. Except was as strong as we were surrounded by mountains! But all is fine!

I had splits once again and I had a BLAST hahaha!!!! Elder Llamacponcca pulled out his luggage bag that he had locked up and i know why haha! he doesn’t want anyone to go through it and basically take anything he has! He had a lot of souvenirs, clothes, nice looking ties…. and what we did is he let me wear them all and we took pictures… hahaha that was a lot of fun! We had to enter the house really early because there were 2 deaths near by where we lived and we had to go back to the house basically the gang members put up a curfew and NO ONE was out and about passed 5 in the afternoon… so we went to the house about 7pm and we had nothing else to do hahaha! it was pretty fun!

So yesterday one of our investigators was sick with a fever and her body was kind of hurting… signs of chikungunya… and she asked for a blessing! after we gave her the blessing, 2 hours later she was feeling SO much better! I later found this scripture in the new testament, james 5:14-15 that talks about if any of you are sick call the Elders to give an anointing of oil and a blessing and if you have faith you can be healed and forgiven of your sins! I thought about the scripture for quite a long time and basically thats our job as missionaries! to help those that are sick and afflicted and strengthen their faith! She is a good example to me, even though shes only 16 years old, and has a lot more faith than I can say I do haha. She’s excited for her baptism date for the 1st of november! and is studying EVERYTHING she can! haha she’s a good example!

well once again on these STUPID computers and it doesn’t allow me to see ANY of the pictures that i have on my thumb drive because I have some pictures I want to send but its not letting me see them at all… so im hoping we are going to a better cyber next week to be able to send these photos…

thank you all for your love and prayers! I haven’t gotten this chikungunya and I do not plan on getting it! haha

I love you all and hope everything is going well for you all!

Elder White

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