continuing the faith

October 27, 2014

Buenas familia y amigos!

Well I have to apologize again… these computers will only read the music files that aren’t in folders and it wont read ANY of the folders haha… its getting annoying and still trying to figure out why its doing that. because I got some pretty funny pictures I want to send to you all knowing that I am still having fun but still doing what I’m suppose to! =D

Well, I don’t got a whole lot to talk about this week because we didn’t have much to do… haha like always we are struggling to find people to listen to us AND then if they even want anything instead of bible bashing or stuff like that. Most of the time they just reject us on the streets, oh well… at least we are trying to do what we’re suppose to. Lately we have just been visiting the members and the less actives and just trying to help strengthen them and to gain their confidence in us. We are hoping that if we do so they will give us some good references to people that are prepared to receive the gospel!

One specific family, the gutierrez family, are a really good family and enjoy our visits. They have told us that missionaries from the past hardly EVER visited since they were baptised and confirmed a member. So basically we missionaries have taken on the roll of visiting teaching too… haha as long as we can have someone to teach and bring the gospel to thats alright for me! they are a wonderful family and are hoping to gain everyone’s trust!

We also visit this sister, i don’t remember her first name but her last name is Yanes, who has 4 kids. 1 is on a mission and returns in february and 3 other kids that are inactive. She has 2 sons and 2 daughters. So like always we are visiting them and hoping that the kids will come to church again and they can go as a family cause thats the most important thing! But sister Yanes is always giving us food or buying us a little treat from the little house stores that are everywhere here. As a matter of fact sister yanes reminds me of my grandmas haha, Grandma White, Great and Grandma Cutler! It’s pretty great!

I’m really hoping that the work here in little ol´ chinameca starts picking up again and that we can have more to teach! It would be nice to stop being rejected hahaha! but I know that everyone has their agency and beliefs. There is always opposition in all things!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! I hope everything is going well for you all at home!

“God be with you till we write again” 😉

con mucho amor y gratitud,

Elder White

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