Hotter, colder? I cant tell!

November 17, 2014

Buenas Familia y Amigos!

So my area is actually pretty cool! I’m in Berlin, Usulutan, El Salvador! Its actually the coldest part of the country! haha Its nice! If only the showers were warmer…. haha. My grandma wanted to know because she’s in contact with the people that caused her accident which is actually pretty cool. They are a wonderful family! The work is alright for right now…. we are, like always, trying to find those that are prepared for the gospel and that will accept the gospel. It’s interesting how fast time flies by when you’re focused on the work! lol Like this week went by really fast! Like this week I had two divisions(splits?) and it was pretty fun! One was with the the zone leader, Elder Bearden! Thats a funny story! We started the day and about 4 in the afternoon and he got extremely sick! You gotta love that 24 hour flu!! haha so we ended the day about that time… it was pretty funny but sucked for him 😦 Then interchanges with the other part of Berlin, Elder Lopez! We basically didn’t start proselyting till 6 because we had to take the bus from our zone conference in Jucuapa back to Berlin and thats roughly an hour or hour and a half… haha then with our studies it kinda stunked haha but in the end the day went by fairly fast!

Yesterday I was talking to one of the members and I was talking to their son…. LOL that was a bad idea HAHA we got on the subjects of games and the xbox and the PS3 AND PS4! XD it was pretty HILARIOUS…. He asked me if I played on the mission and I told him NO! But my trainer did…. HAHA I told him this and he was like, Elder…. how could you let your companion do such a thing.” And I said well seeing how I only had like a month or 2 on the mission and my spanish was crappy and stuff. He said, “No excuses! Nephi was the youngest was he not? and he led his brothers!” LOL I laughed so hard it was pretty funny! I haven’t realized how I well my spanish is till after you have conversations like that and talk about things you like to do! haha.

For everyone to know I am doing well! Sure my favorite time of the year is coming up… but All is well here in El Salvador! I am grateful for all that you guys do! and for your support!

I am sending my favorite picture!!! haha this was a while ago with Elder llamaponcca!

I love you all!
Have a fantastic week!
Elder White


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