Ending quickly, starting anew

November 24, 2014

Buenas Familia y mis Amigos,

So I’m running out of titles for my emails… lol I’m losing my creativity, DX!!! So forgive me if this title is SO boring -_- lol.

So as you all know, I hate taking pictures… its my kriptonite, I can´t lie… haha! but here is a photo of me and my companion and you can see the difference in height! and looks 😉 LOL…. just kidding XD! ALSO I decided to buy me a Christmas present for myself 😛 this white car is actually speakers! =D and the car is cool so I decided to buy it!

So this week seemed to have gone a LOT FASTER than I was actually paying attention…. LOL and only have 2 weeks left of this transfer O_O what the!?!?!

Well any who this week has been pretty good! This weekend actually made the week so much better! So yesterday we were planning on leaving some families and not focus most of our time on certain families because they aren’t fulfilling the commitments, not reading the BoM or the pamphlets… so we were going to stop spending so much time with like 5 families… But yesterday one family, we thought would progress ALOT and FULFILL all the commitments, actually came to church! So a little about the Gonzales Family, the husband (or companion), has a rigorous schedule with work and such… he works from 7am to 7pm everyday and some days it changes and he works from 7pm to 7am and its sometimes difficult to visit them…. so we prayed, and almost to the point of fasting, that Raul Gonzales would have the courage to ask for Sundays off or at least work from 7pm to 7am so that he can go to church Sunday! Well come to find out that they don’t have all the materials that they needed to finish a certain project that they are working on so he had most of the day off! AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! Raul and his family! I forget the wife’s name…. but they actually came! We both were shocked to the point we couldn’t say anything for like 5 mins… haha! It was something special! We are hoping that they liked it and that they will continue to make the commitment to come every Sunday!

As well, yesterday we got a referral from one of the members, FINALLY XD, to visit this elderly guy, Carlos Muñoz that lives alone. Come to find out his wife passed away 8 months about and has been having a rough time co-oping with her death. So we found where he lived and he accepted our visit! wow…. He was one of the nicest person that lives here in El Salvador! He was open with us and we got to know him really well! He told us that his wife was suffering from the recent volcano eruption that happened last December and hasn’t fully recovered from it. 3 months after the eruption she passed away. Carlos was heart broken…. He has great faith in the Savior and we talked a little bit about the plan of salvation with him and how he could see and live with his wife again thanks to the plan that Heavenly Father has made for us! It was wonderful feeling the spirit that came into his house. I could tell that Carlos would accept our message and accept the gospel in his life! I pray that he will progress and accept all that we have to teach him.

wow…. I cant believe that its Thanksgiving, for you guys,and that it is coming up already…. I swear I can still remember my first day at the MTC like it was yesterday!!! Time is really going by fast! Your love and your prayers are always felt!

Thank you all for everything you do for me, your support, love, and prayers! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

con amor y mucho gratitud,
Elder White



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