Baptism, and starting up december!

December 1, 2014

Mi Queridos Familias y Amigos,

Well… Looks like you ALL had fun for thanksgiving this year!!! haha I see not much has changed since the 8 months ive been gone! haha But I’m happy that everything went well and that everyone enjoyed it! For me, like every gringo missionary, worked and worked and worked lol! to be honest i don’t know what happened to the time! all I remember is that I had a BAPTISM Saturday!

So we baptized Juan Mejia and he is one amazing guy! He is always wanting to learn more! I have seen a huge change in him after the baptism. He is more in tune to the things we teach and loves to participate in the lessons! We are now trying to work with his nephew and niece! but seeing how they are underage and their mother is being a little against the church its rather hard to get them to accept a goal to be baptized. I have seen that desire kind of fade because of their mom… Before the mom loved listening to us and went to church and also accpeted a date to be baptized BUT… she did something illegal and now is afraid to get caught and so she hesitates when her kids, Aldo and Mariana, talk about getting baptized… Its really frustrating lol.

I cant believe how fast time is flying by…. WOW!!! haha December is here and Christmas is just around the corner…. wow that’s baggy, trunky or however you want to call it haha! but I’m excited to learn more about the traditions of El Salvador but also help others come unto Christ! Seeing its December its a little bit easier to come across people that are willing to listen to us and accept our message. But then there are always those people that are stubborn and hard hearted and always say, “we go to a different church and don’t need your message or your help!” hehe alright you will regret it later on 😉

My mission president has set a goal for us for the next year! He wants us to have at least 4 baptisms every month and doing so that’s roughly… 6,000 baptism in a year, yes that’s a rough estimate because I cant remember exactly what he said 😛 But as I thought about it, its possible! As long as we do what we are suppose to and have faith in the Lord All things are possible! You learn so much from a mission its not even funny. I always wonder how some of my friends from work, Wendy’s, said they went on missions but they are smoking, drinking and such…. To me they truly didn’t have the desire or the conversion of their own… Its pretty sad to see return missionaries come home and still be the same when they left….

Thank you for all your support and love! I’m so grateful for every single one of you! Have a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder White


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