Week of Transfers

December 8, 2014
(Nathan’s 5th Birthday)

Buenas familia y amigos,

First i gotta apologize…. I cant send any pictures this time because of how crapy these computers are…. BUT ill send lots next week i promise!!! =D

So last Saturday we went to the temple as an entire mission!!! aAout 250 missionaries and their investigators and recent converts! It was really cool! This little trip helped the investigators understand more about the temples and the importance of them. It actually helped most investigators want to be baptized and receive the blessings from being sealed in the temple. I have heard a lot of wonderful news from other missionaries that this trip saved some investigators from turning away from them haha. The temple trip was really good and I got to see my MTC buddies too. Even if I wasn’t able to go inside the temple I still felt at peace and felt closer to my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. I testify that the temple helps us continue down the path of righteousness even if we don’t enter into the temple, the temple grounds are still as powerful and sacred.

Then Sunday as we were going to pick up one of our investigators and take him to church with us, we couldn’t find him at home and his wife said that he left like about 8:20 or so. We thought he had to go to the hospital for something or was called for something else so we ended up going to church and we found him in the sacrament room sitting and reading the Book of Mormon! YES!!!!! I have not had such a positive investigator before in my entire 8 MONTHS of being here! Fransisco Sulano, his name, is so excited for baptism. When we gave him a Book of Mormon that’s the size of a 32 in. TV, ok maybe a little exaggerated BUT big enough that he could read with his glasses. He was so excited and started reading it from cover to cover! haha he is such an awesome guy! If I remember correctly he’s like 75 or 80 years old, has trouble hearing, and reading without glasses that magnify the words! But he is a wonderful guy and will be getting baptized this month on the 27! He had the missionaries before but had some problems with the missionaries before and stopped having them come over. I don’t know the reason for it but I believe I said this before but he prayed that we would come back and visit him again. Well there you have it haha.

Also we have another family, the Rodriguez family, who we have been visiting for awhile as well but didn’t show much signs of progressing anymore. They haven’t been to church or was reading the BoM much so we were about to tell them that we were going to stop coming and visiting them when they finally promised BY THEM SELVES that they would go to church AND go to the devotional that Sunday night, yesterday!!!!!!! We were SO excited that they showed up! We hope that their experience was really good and that they will continue down this path!

Well, for all you to know I am doing good! I actually had a shocker last night of how most of my lessons that I have taught wasn’t really me talking lol. Like when I just talk in Spanish normally I struggle trying to say somethings but during the lessons I can talk without stop…. Its a neat experience to have to be able to realize that the Lord is speaking through you. Then of course my first Christmas from being away from home it will be hard getting used to haha! But I hope that Me and my companion don’t have changes this week! We hope we can have another transfer as companions!

I’m grateful that all is doing well at home. I’m grateful to have such a huge family that supports me and cares so much! As well as my friends. I’m grateful for all that you all do for me! I hope that I’m still here in Berlin for another transfer!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder White

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