New Companion and High Visions!

December 15, 2014

Buenas Familia y Amigos,

Well, First things first, We changed Hno Fransiscos baptism date for THIS SATURDAY!!!!! He is SO excited and cant wait for the day! He has been trying to talk to his family about the stuff we teach but like always Satan works hard within the hearts of those that are lost in the darkness. But i know little by little they will see the path and choose that path the Lord has placed before them! I am so happy for Fransisco and his desire! I haven’t seen someone with such a desire since I’ve been here! Its amazing!

Then… We have an investigators, family Rodriguez, that’s kind of the opposite… he loves to joke around a lot and “make fun” of some of the things we teach. Like finding fault in the BoM or something like that… but honestly they have potential, its just the patience that will make it happen! Line upon line, precept upon precept.

So I have a new companion!!!! =D his name is Elder Aldridge and once again I’m a companion to a district leader… lol This is the third time… haha but its alright! I am learning a lot and understanding a lot about these important leadership calls. Elder Aldridge told me yesterday that a good leader isn’t about leading. More than anything is just being a good example and putting everyone before yourself. My fear of being a District or a zone leader or even an assistant is that the pride will take over and the thoughts of, “oh I’m your leader and you have to do everything i say and do.” I don’t want that… I fear of letting leadership get to my head and ending up losing the trust within my friends and with the mission president. Within the 5 days we have been companions, Elder Aldridge has taught me a lot and helped me out a lot.

So the traditions here is pretty much the same. They LOVE fireworks…. =_= and bombs… lol they have one “firework” that all it is, is a small stick of dynamite… great fun right?! That happens ALL day long… freaking kids…. xD its only the kids that do it and it gives me SUCH a headache… The trees are different though… they just take a random tree and cut off the branches and let it dry out and use that as a tree O_O its weird but yet again everywhere has there different traditions! They also have a lot of Nativity around about the birth of Christ! the manger, Mary, Joseph, etc. but the sad part is that the people here are kind of split up into 3 different categories. Those that are so against Christmas, their excuse is that Christ wasn’t born on this day, WHICH they are right but they get on the fact that its a worldly tradition is driving me nuts… I just want to “help” them have a humbling experience…. the second group is people don’t understand the importance of the birth of Christ and just say its just another baby that is born. Then the last group that just goes all out with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Its really interesting but its cool to learn from everyone their own ways of celebrating and traditions.

Well, All is going well and the work is… I don’t want to say sky rocketing but its going well. I am starting to understand and can testify as our knowledge about the atonement grows, your desire to share it with everyone will as well grow!

I love you all and hope everything is going well!

Till Next Week
Elder Nikolas White

Elder Aldridge and Elder White



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