The new year commenced and new goals set!

January 5, 2015

Buenas Mis Familias y Amigos!

Well, we started a new year and as well as made new goals and plans on what we are going to do different and better! at least i hope =X lol Well, my mom sent a letter to me saying how bad my English and grammar is, which from the beginning wasn’t very good ANYWAY XD but has made me a little bit more subconscious about my emails =P lol no just kidding! lol… I remember Nathanial telling me I sounded more Mexican than I did American… well as much as I love the Mexicans, I’m not in Mexico =D haha

Well starting off, yesterday we got in contact with one of the our investigators mom! She has once before listened and participated in the missionary lessons and is wanting to start over again with the lessons again. Because with the winter break¨ for the schools and stuff its been hard for her to come back from San Salvador, where she works, all the way back to Berlin during the week. So with school starting up again here soon, shes going to be coming back almost everyday of the week. She works at a beauty salon? I believe that’s what it is but I forget the name of the profession… and so shes really excited to start participating in the discussions again and yesterday we some how got on the subject of baptism and she was saying basically that she wants to be baptized!!! WOOT another GOLDEN family! I’m hoping that I get to stay in the area again next change! But seeing how my luck with staying in the area for no more than 2 transfers I highly doubt I’ll be here any longer DX but its ok I set up baptisms for my companion for the next 4 months before he dies XD or in other terms finishes his mission =P

My other investigators, Mayra and Gabriela, are loving the church and really enjoy meeting the members there! (well that’s a first…) lol but its been a really good experience for them so far and we hope that they can get baptized this month on the 24! We are teaching or visiting them everyday helping them progress more and feel like they are ready to make this step to baptism!

LOL the best part of the week…. So we are teaching this 9 year old boy, whose mom is INACTIVE…. and wants her 2 boys baptized… riddle me that right? (I have no idea what Nikolas is trying to say here, I guess I need to be smart to understand Foreign) But anyway so we have been dodging the first lesson, the restoration, with this kid because honestly… he’s a chump… and a punk… lol he’s…. yea if I compare him to anyone I would have to say Maceson ; ) lol (love you mace) but anyway so we decided its time to teach him the restoration and we were thinking ¨how can we teach a 9 and a 8 year old the restoration…¨ so my companion said just to teach it like a story book with simple words and examples… alrighty then…. so half way through the lesson my companion had a break through and started comparing half the lesson of the restoration, starting from the apostasy to the restoration using the Disney movie the Lion King!!!! XD great blasphemy there right? BUT IT WORKS LOL!!!!! When Simba’s father dies the kingdom gets destroyed and its dark and gloomy like when the apostles died there went the authority or priesthood. Then Simba’s father shows himself to his son in the heavens, clouds whatever! kind of goes along with Joseph Smith and him seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! Simba becomes the new king of pride rock, Christ restores the authority through Joseph Smith… LOL how creative is that?!?!?! After the lesson with the kids we started laughing with how well the lesson went just through that movie!!!! We now know how to teach 9 year old kids the restoration… LOL!!!!

Well to be honest I was laughing through this entire explanation lol you had to have been there to really understand the whole thing but to be honest the spirit was felt so strongly. To think the spirit directed us to teaching through the Lion King! lol It was great! So as you can tell we are all having fun here in El Salvador! xD with teaching in many different ways other than flip books, pamphlets and serious lessons lol now a days its more casual and more of like regular talking and discussions where the investigators grow their trust in us and the Spirit can testify better and lead us to the needs of the investigators! I am still learning a lot of new things not only for the mission but also for the life after! The mission truly is a learning experience in every part of life!

Thank you all so much for everything you do not just for me but for all the family missionaries that are serving now! I love you all and I hope things are going well back at home!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder White o blanco 😉

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