Last Week of the Transfer….

January 12, 2015
(Grandma White’s Birthday)

Bienvenidos familia y Amigos a la historia de Elder Blanco 😉

Lol I got bored with saying the same thing at the start! I decided to change it up a bit 😉 SO!! my mom asked me if I miss the cold yet…. that’s a funny question lol NO I don’t miss it at all xD I’m living in paradise here in Berlin! ❤ I hope I don't get transferred out of here DX

Well, me and my companion, Elder Aldridge, are doing well! We are having fun but as well working hard! We are reactivating this partial inactive family and how we are reactivating is having the Husband, Antonio Diaz, leave with us to visit and to talk with his friends that he believes would listen to us! So I believe it was Tuesday night we looked for one his friends but they weren't home. So he goes up to this random house and forced himself in and said, "Ok everyone get in here and listen to our message. It will help you guys come unto Christ!" LOL!!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't stop laughing for 10 mins! At the time we didn't know that he actually KNEW the family but it was pretty hilarious! Yesterday he left with us again to visit people and one of the sons and one of the friends of the family tried to avoid us when they saw us in there! XD The son was drunk and the other was just trying to avoid us! Hermano Diaz yelled for them to get in the house or he would hit them in the head with one of the pieces of firewood that they had XD they were pretty decent sized too! XD We decided since we don't have a ward mission leader, we want to present him to the Branch President and have him be set apart as our ward mission leader! He would be perfect and fill this calling with all his strength and mind. He has great potential and great goals for this year! And we believe this will help him a lot!

We had a multi-zone conference Friday with the mission president and the 4 assistants. It was really good half of it we already knew but it was all good. It was all on how to better our teaching, inspired questions, and having the spirit with us during the entire lesson. As well as patience and stress. Lol patience….

Yesterday we finally found one of our new investigators in her house, with the door open… lol we decided this was the only way we can find her in her house is when the doors open… But we have these new pass along cards that have questions of the soul on them and we showed her every one of them and she chose, "Will I be with my loved ones again?" wow…. She told us the reason why and how she's been studying on this theme forever and really hasn't gotten an answer from it. So, we explained a little bit with using the Book of Mormon and she accepted the challenge of reading the Book of Mormon to look for the answers to this question. Since the beginning she asked us to help her with her studies and to learn more about the gospel but asked us to leave Joseph Smith out of it lol!!! She has had the missionaries over before but I believe they weren't that good at teaching her with her needs 😛 So we as well accepted this challenge. Even if we don't teach about Joseph Smith she will come to know that the church is restored THROUGH Joseph Smith as she continues to study and learn from us! The power of the Holy Ghost is beyond the comprehensive…

I want to give thanks to my Grandma Cutler for the reference that she gave me, I have to apologize that it isn't in my mission and I had to send it to the mission office so they can give it to the West Mission in El Salvador. But I'm sure that they will find her and help her come unto Christ, if the missionaries do what they are suppose too. 😛

Thank you all for your love and support! I'm glad that everyone is doing well and that the new year is starting off well!

Cuidase mucho y les amo muchisimo!!!

Elder White

(Seriously, I have had to change so many things in his letter!! His English stinks, but maybe that means his Spanish is getting better. Where is my Urim and Thummim?)

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