Hard work, rude bishop, and a ton of work

February 2, 2015

Buenas mi Familia y Amigos!

Well, another week went by! But we are always working hard! I have been doing great! There’s a lot of work to do and a lot of reactivation as well… lol My area is FILLED with less actives and in-actives here and I’m kind of at a loss of what to do. Because I know we are suppose to focus more on the investigators and the members work on the retention and reactivating but seeing how we don’t have an Elders quorum president its hard to set up home teaching assignments to the men and the Relief society president is trying her best but of course there are always a lot of people that judge and don’t have the love or patience for each other. But that’s ok! lol I have noticed recently that I may have come to a little bit harder area with not a whole lot of work to do with investigators but I’m not worried nor stressed. Because I know that the Lord will guide me and my companion to those that are ready for the gospel. There are a ton of people from different religions and a ton of them are like… Firm as a rock in their church… its rather frustrating at times and my companion, which he only has 3 months, likes to bash a little bit with those people that don’t want to have us over. I kind of blame his companions that he had lol. He had a trainer that was a prideful assistant, then his other trainer was good but didn’t really teach him as well as they could have because they were both trunky… lol they returned home! But he is still a really good person that wants to get his point across with every guy he talks too lol its good but at the same time brings a lot of contention between us and the contacts… But we are enjoying this transfer so far and we hope to start changing the area and help strengthen the members and bring the attendance back up! Its a lot of work but that’s what mission work is all about right?

Yesterday for fast and testimony meeting, there was a 5 min. break in sacrament meeting and no one really wanted to share at the moment and I thought to my self “well that’s normal because in my home ward there are many moments like that lol” but then the bishop got up and started talking…. I wanted to kill him… these are his exact words, “I can’t believe 5 mins past and NO one got up to bare there testimony. What a pity… you will never progress if you don’t share you testimony.” well there went the spirit… This is one of the reasons why most of the in-actives and less actives don’t want to go to church because of the bishop and I don’t blame them. He’s very rude and doesn’t show any love or respect to anyone… so when he finished talking and “bore his testimony” if it was even a testimony, he left the sacrament room, I got up, not saying I’m better or wanted to fight back the words he said, and bore my thoughts and feelings the spirit expressed to me that I needed to share. I felt like it was powerful what the spirit enticed me to say to them. Saying that testimonies are personal and should be shared with the spirit to have the extra strength and meaning to the others. Then I bore my own testimony. I really enjoy this ward because the Members are really kind and loving. At this moment and time I don’t really care for the bishop lol that’s rude to say but I still respect him and know that his job isn’t that easy either and I still love him as Heavenly Father loves him too.

There is one family that I enjoy visiting once in awhile! They are the Castillo family, or the castle family in English lol. One BIG reason is that I love visiting them is that Brother Castillo resembles my Grandpa Cutler SO MUCH!!!!! I don’t have a picture of him yet but the way he talks, his jokes, and the way he acts is just like my Grandpa Cutler! I really love Brother Castillo but no one can replace my Grandpas and Grandmas!!

Well to end this email I want to say that I am happy and excited to be working in this area. I realize that my last email was kind of depressing but I really didn’t mean it to be like that lol!!!! I am happy to be here and for the revelation that my Mission President receives for each and every missionary that he is watching over. I have a strong testimony of this work and the importance of missionary work! Something that I really like that Elder Jeffery R. Holland said in one conference that if you come home with NO baptisms and NO converts the most important convert is yourself. Matthew told me that the mission is more for the missionary than it is for the investigators. I understand what he means and what Elder Holland said. The atonement is what changes the person, the missionary, and the family. The atonement carries the missionary to do the work even when its REALLY difficult but its always a learning experience. I am grateful for the experiences that I have had so far and hope to have more wonderful experiences till the day I return home.

I know that the mission work is important and is one way the sons and daughters of God and return to the light of Christ and come into his fold. I know that through the direction of Jesus Christ, Joseph smith restored this Gospel and translated a new set of scriptures that literally testify of Jesus Christ and his gospel. I know that Heavenly Father fulfills his promises that He makes to his missionaries, his servants if we serve faithfully and diligently! I challenge all of you young men that are still having doubts about serving to get down on your knees and ask Your Heavenly Father for the desire and the love for this glorious work. You will never regret and will be grateful that you served!

I love you all and grateful for the love and support that each and everyone of you have given me. Thank you!

os amo mucho! Cuídese mucho!

Elder White

(If this doesn’t make much sense, welcome to the club. I just try to correct all that Elder White writes, but I am not a miracle worker. He must be more El Salvadorian that I thought, because his English is getting worse. So I guess that could be a blessing in disguise too!!) 🙂

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One Response to Hard work, rude bishop, and a ton of work

  1. Good job on bearing your testimony by the Spirit, Elder White. I’m so proud of you. xoxox

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