Interviews, Stake Conference, Spiritual uplift!!!

February 9, 2015

Buenas Mis Familias y Amigos!

Well, to start off we had a stake conference this weekend and it was really good and a big spiritual boost! President Vasquez was present and gave wonderful talks about service, missionary work, and Love for the people! It was really REALLY good! sorry I don’t remember a whole lot of what was said… I’m terrible for writing notes and remembering things… but it was really good. Sunday night we watched a movie called ¨Do you know the Mormons?¨ (I think he meant Meet the Mormons!!) and the sad thing about this is we can’t get copies of it… only the Presidents of the Missions can have it… But its alright I guess haha. It might come out eventually for everyone else! It talks about us basically who Mormons are and what we do and how our life’s are just as normal as all the others! It was pretty funny how at the start of it they ask random people about what they think about Mormons and whats the first thing that comes to mind! It was pretty funny! We don’t realize it but there are a TON of lies about us in the world that people think the Mormons are! Its pretty sad… but after this it shows like 4 or 5 families that are Mormon and basically does a run down on how they live and what the life of a Mormon is! The movie was well made and I hope that you guys can see it one day!

Yesterday as well we had interviews with President Vasquez and Hermana Vasquez! Its interesting how President Vasquez does his interviews where President Glazier was totally different! President Glazier´s interviews were kind of like a normal interview with the Bishop or Stake President… and President Vasquez acts like a teenager in his interviews which for me helps me feel relaxed and open =o its interesting how the difference is in the interviews with President Vasquez vs. President Glazier! He’s a really good guy and I’m grateful for the chance to work with him basically my entire mission!

Well these past couple of days were really uplifting and full of the spirit! I have seen a change in the area when your attitude changes. When you are happy and have the desire to work hard and find new people without the fear of being rejected you find more success. But when you get down and don’t want to work, the area falls and crumbles to dust and you have no work. There are always people prepared every day. We just have to find them through our hard work and through the spirit as well.

Time is flying by SO fast… haha I can’t believe its already been 3 weeks since my best friend has been home…. I’m almost been a year out of the mission and it just keeps going faster and faster O_O lol I know that this work is important and I know that my family is being blessed through the promises that our Heavenly Father has made from the beginning with the missionaries. As long as we are obedient and work hard we will be blessed with all that we need!

Thanks for your love and support!

Elder Nikolas White

We played soccer at 6 in the morning with President Vasquez! lets see if you can see who he is! =D President Vasquez is in the middle and no he is not kneeling down. Elder White is right next to him in red and white.

Thank you Emily for sending me this poem since the beginning of my mission! Its helped me a lot and still continues to help me!

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