Making pupusa’s and giving a talk!!!

February 16, 2015

Buenas mis familias y amigos,

Well last Monday we went to a members house and they taught us how to make pupusa’s and how to shape them and all that fun stuff!!! =D I don’t have any pictures of me making pupusa’s but my companion does! i will have to get them from him! But they were pretty good! Not the best pupusa’s that I have had but at least I know how to make them… sort of lol. The Castillo family are really great to us and really do a whole lot for us! Today we are going over again to make rice with milk, some cinnamon sticks and sugar?? iIm not quite sure what else is in it but to be honest…. its not my favorite food at all… lol but I eat it! =P

So yesterday I had to give a talk… I only had 1 day to prepare for this… lol…. I love how they give you at least one day of warning 😛 well it was pretty good I think. I talked about repentance 😮 why I chose that I don’t know lol but I heard that the ward has been through a lot of… but I used a lot that was in the book teachings of the prophets, Ezra Taft Benson his chapter on true repentance. I loved this chapter a lot! I have it in Spanish but one of my favorite quotes that he says is never lose hope! He mentions this 3 times and I realized how powerful this statement is! I really enjoyed studying up on this subject. It helps me realize that there is more to repentance then just confessing and praying for forgiveness, to have a true repentance. Then when we started leaving for proselyting the member that left with us said that my Spanish isn’t good and that it takes a lot to understand what I’m saying…. yea I really don’t like some of the people in this ward…. but Christ still loves them and I should too.

Well I don’t have much more to say but thank you all for your love and support and I hope things are going well at home! and Mom, Don’t worry about Maddie. The Lord knows whats best for her than we do. 😉 seeing how you cared this much for me before I left 😉 lol just kidding =D but really don’t worry so much!

Love you all and have a wonderful week!
Elder White



This is a fruit called Maranyon! I’m not sure if this is how you spell it but ITS SUPER DELICIOUS!!!

(Mom Note: If the member can’t understand his Spanish and his English isn’t that great at least in writing he is in trouble. And if he wasn’t out of the Country right now about me not caring about him that much before he left, he would get a spanking right now.)

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