Divisions with the ZONE LEADERS!

February 23, 2015

Buenas Dias Mis Familia y Amigos!

Well, the work is growing little by little and before you know it, its almost time for transfers again… LOL yea this is the last week for the transfer and it’s going by really fast!!!! That’s what happens when your focused and working hard everyday “to bring the world its truth” Elder Belk and I are working hard everyday! Diligently and obediently we strive to find the guidance of the Holy Ghost to guide us to those that are prepared for the Gospel in their lives! Funny how we find those that are inactive and less-active more than we find investigators in general! lol I have come to the conclusion that we are going to work 50 50 with investigators and in-actives until the ward becomes stronger and actually starts doing visiting teaching… I find that its just as important to bring back those that have been lost sheep of the Lord and bring them back into the Fold of Christ. I find the same amount of happiness and assurance that this is one of those reasons Elder Belk and I are in this area. Finding those that are lost, to be found once again to come back to the Fold of Christ!

Next thing on the list is that I was on divisions with the Zone Leaders and it was really great! I learned a lot from Elder Vidal! Who is finishing up his mission this week! haha this is his last week before he returns home! lol I’m always surrounded by missionaries that are finishing up their missions… lol how trunky is that? xD just kidding! But I learned a lot of what I need to do better to become a leader if not in the mission, for the next chapter in my life! Most of all is the confidence in myself is what Elder Vidal said I lacked but other than that he said I could be a great leader one day… well that’s not getting to my head 😉 lol. We were in divisions for 2 days and it was pretty fun! I went to their ward and the members are SO much nicer than in my ward! Though there are some members that are extremely nice, but all I know is that my ward lacks the love and support for each other and hopefully we can help this!

All is well and going strong here in San Miguel in the ward Roosevelt! I’m doing fine as well, but there are always those moments of trials to try me and test me to see if I am willing to do the will of God. As well as putting trust in the Lord that he will help me through those moments of trails! I’m grateful for all that you have done for me to support me and for cheering me on! I know that the Church was restored through Joseph Smith and that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us! If we can just put our faith and trust in him we could become someone a lot better than we can imagine. But we must always remember that it’s the way God wants us to be and he always wants us to follow in his footsteps!

Love you all so very much!
Hope this week is well for you all!
Elder White

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