Transfer?!?! Moved houses! and a fight in the ward???? -_-

March 2, 2015

Mis seres queridos Familias y amigos!

Well, first of all let’s start off with how this week is transfers! Sure I don’t know if I will be leaving or my companion but the hint that I have that we have transfers is that my companion is going to train one of the new missionaries! My companion, Elder Belk, is SUPER excited lol… Before he was kind of worried but now he is really excited! Normally the missionary that is training stays in the area that he’s in because he knows it and its a little bit easier to train and be less stressed about the area! So I’m pretty sure that I will be leaving the area… Which I’m kind of happy about… I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t ANY love within the ward and the members… There’s always shouting wars about everyone’s differences and things that they do wrong… but hey I tried my best to help them…they are just too prideful and want everyone else to change before they themselves change but oh well…You can’t force someone to change 😛

So we finally changed houses! We moved closer to our area! Finally… Before we had to walk 30 mins out of our area to get to our house…. The house is HUGE!!!… we didn’t meant to get a mansion, as they would call it here in El Salvador, but it was the ONLY house we could find that was up for rent… but the owner dropped the price for us seeing we were missionaries and he said that they trust the missionaries more than anyone else. They must have had a run in with the missionaries before! 😮 But its a great house, we have room for all the materials that we need and extra for the district if they need!

Well sorry I didn’t write much today… but I really don’t have much to say! haha! but thank you so much for all that you have don’t for me! your love and support is really appreciated and I’m grateful for a big family that follows the commandments and teaches everyone to follow the Lord and Savior!

I know that the mission changes lives and not just for the missionary but also the people that he teaches and the message that we share. Its thanks to the question of Joseph Smith who went through so much to restore the fullness of the gospel and the priesthood. I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us and everyday blesses us with the things we need to go through out our day. I testify that the Atonement is really powerful and can help us in the most difficult situations! It only takes a little bit of faith in our part!

I love you all so very much! thank you for your love and support!
Elder White

Elder White cooking!!
The District!!

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