Daily Blessings

March 16, 2015

Buenas Dias Mis queridas Familia y Amigos!

Well, this week has been pretty interesting… lol so apparently there has been some sort of sickness bug going around that gives people very bad stomach aches and some other embarrassing things that happen that I’m am too embarrassed to share with everyone but I think you can get the picture with just the stomach part 😛 so apparently this bug lasts up to 6 to 8 days and seeing how it started affecting me last Monday, today should be its final day!! LOL but Yes I got affected by this sickness and its been pretty rough lol… But I have seen the hands of the Lord working on my behalf through this adventure that I had. Normally, this bug keeps most people in their houses not being able to do a whole lot because they have to get up and use the bathroom every 10 mins… But with prayers being answered the Lord gave me the strength and energy I needed to keep working, preaching, and helping others. This reminds me of a song that I have called ¨That’s what faith can do¨ by Kutless. If you haven’t heard this song I recommend it for those that like christian rock =D I have seen a lot of what faith can do when you put the faith in the Lord.

I have received a ton of letters this week and something that I really loved from Uncle Mark is that the love and the hope he has towards Heavenly Father and that he will fulfill his promises to us in the next life if we fulfill our covenants that we have made and always hold true to them. I was pondering on this and found that this is a blessing to have hope and love towards our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. I really enjoy reading all the letters I get from Uncle Mark and the example of faith and hope he has in the Lord and God. The day will come when we all get to live perfect lives in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ.

I also received a letter from Hermana Klomp, (yes I said Hermana… it sounds weird to say sister :P) and received a talk on ¨his grace is sufficient¨. wow… that talk is really powerful and really helped me have more of an understanding of the atonement, the mercy, and love of the Lord and Heavenly Father. It is true that if it wasn’t for the atonement we would NEVER be able to stand against justice. Justice asks a lot of us and what I liked a lot of what this guy said (sorry I don’t remember his name), that the Lord isn’t at the finish line waiting for us to cross and then take us the rest of the way, he is running right beside us always helping us along the way lifting us up when we fall and don’t want to get back up. Like I shared about the poem of the footsteps in the sand, He carries us in our moments of hardship and difficulties. I can testify that His grace IS sufficient for each and everyone us! I Know that The Lord is with us everywhere we go. If we USE the atonement, we are working our way to perfection. I know that the Lord is BEGGING us to use his atonement and to follow him. He’s BEGGING us to use the atonement so that we don’t have to feel the same pain and anguish that he felt in the Garden of Gethsemane because of the demands of justice. He paid the price of justice, he settled the demands and is BEGGING us to use it and follow him. Like President Ezra Taft Benson said in the teachings of the Presidents of the Church, true repentance, Never lose Hope. I testify that its vital that we keep the Faith, Hope, and an Eye single to our Lord and Savior so that we too can have the eternal life with our families.

I love you all and hope that all is doing well. I really hope that my little testimonies are helping you all, families, friends, people that are reading the blog my mom made, can feel the spirit and the feel the truthfulness of my words. I love each and everyone of you and hope that this week will be full of blessings and that you can all feel the love of the Lord, Jesus Christ this week!

Thank you all for your prayers and love,

Elder White

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