March 30, 2015

Buenas Mis queridas familias y amigos,

Well I can’t believe how fast time has flown… I have or will have a year this week on Thursday…. wow how crazy is that?…. But I’m still enjoying my time here and soaking in as much as I can! and to celebrate my year on the mission, on April 2, the mission is doing another temple trip for the investigators and less-actives! and that’s the day I left for the MTC of Mexico!!!! O_O wow I cant believe this… lol but I am really enjoying this area Los Naranjos 2 apopa. The members here are so funny and so full of love, it reminds me so much as my last area in Berlin Usulutan! These two areas… lol I don’t want to leave here and transfers are creeping up fast…

So we had our district meeting Friday… lol and my district leader thought it would be funny to take some pics… lol he is such a clown!!! but he’s such a good guy and a good example! I keep telling him that he’s going to get kicked off the district leader chair and move up to zone leader this next change!! lol but he doesn’t believe me! He has helped me a lot with the struggle between me and my companion but honestly there isn’t much he can do to help when your companion doesn’t want to change nor does he want to work… its frustrating lol but I have decided that the only person that can help and force the law would be the mission president…. but I am not going to go into much detail about this… I’m trying to stay positive and I have heard that an attitude of gratitude can change a bad situation into less of a stressful situation 😛

I love you guys so much and I’m sorry that this is kind of short… lol the days have become the same almost…. not much has happened lately but I’m looking forward for this temple trip and for general conference! These are going to be a spiritual uplift that I am needing it lol…

Freak I can tell how bad my English is getting and grammar…. lol I never did do well in grammar during my language arts classes =X (Mommy note: I try to fix all his mistakes before I post this, so honestly He is telling the truth!! Where is my Urim and Thummim)

Love you all so much ❤ I hope this week will be a good one for each of you!

Elder White

(thank you mom so much I know that this is a lot to give for you guys but thank you for this ❤ I'm glad everyone is doing well, minus the flu and all that :/ this week must have been really slow for you guys :/ but my time just seems to go by faster and faster… lol I was talking to a returned missionary and she was telling me that once you reach a year its just like your dreaming because it goes by too fast…

if you want to see one of the things I bought from a catalog from my cook and maid I bought this watch and some cologne from this transfer and other transfers lol…. I'm stocking up 😉

Love you mom ❤ I know that you were sad when I left I could feel it but I think I also felt a bit of relief that you don't have to kick me in the butt to do things 😉 lol no just kidding ❤ (he knows his mommy well, I did feel that way!! Even the butt kicking part)

Love you,
Elder White)(a quick note to his momma!!)
(lol so I know that nothing is a secret but I’ll send this to you two anyway 😛 this is the type of cologne I bought and mom has the picture of the watch that I bought too 😛

I love you guys ❤
Elder White) (MOMMY NOTE: Seriously I don't think it is enough:)
(Elder White and District Leader?!)
(They are clowns!!)

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