General Conference

April 6, 2015

Buenas Mis Querida Familias y amigos!

I really enjoyed this weekend!!!! This weekend was the only thing that was extremely good this week… lol But what really helped me a lot was the talk from president Uchtdorf from the priesthood session on Saturday! I really enjoyed it I’m sad to say that I don’t remember a lot from what he said because I left my notes at home… but I remember the feelings that came as I listened to it. I felt like everything will be ok. As I read my moms email, you all probably got a sense I have been struggling and not enjoying this transfer. I can’t lie but I can say don’t worry. Heavenly Father and Christ knows whats going on in the companionship that he gave me really good leaders that help me everyday to keep moving forward. I’m sorry but I haven’t much to say this week… One thing that I hope is that this week will be better than the whole transfer.

Lets see I have one thing I would like to talk about. There is a returned missionary, She’s been back about a year and a half, and she still has the desire to help the missionaries and to leave with them to visit people. I have not seen such a desire within any other returned missionaries that I have met here in my areas that I have served! I really hope that I can have this same desire to help the missionaries as well when they are serving next to where we live. I can honestly say that she has inspired me to do better as a missionary now and to keep that fire burning within me to do missionary work after the mission. Sure its a little bit different in the states but it can be worth while to some people that I know that aren’t members. I just hope that its their time to accept the gospel and to receive these same blessings that we as members receive. The assurance that we will live with our God the Father with his Son Jesus Christ once again!

I’m sorry this is really short again… I really don’t have much to talk about… besides all the negative things that’s been going on this week… Forgive me! I’m human… lol

I love you all and I’m grateful for this time I have to serve my Lord and King. It has helped me know who I am and what I can become if I allow God into my life.

Love you all,
Elder White

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