Good Spiritual Moments

April 13, 2015

Buenas Dias Mis Queridas familias y Amigos

Well, I had a really good experience with a family of members and a investigator and her son. We put together a small familia home evening with the Trinidad (trinity) family for this investigator! Sister Trinidad, Edith Trinidad, has been sharing her beliefs to basically everyone she comes into contact with! So she shared with her sister Erica, the investigator, about temples and how families can be together forever! This caught her attention a lot and wanted to know more! So we expounded on this… I thought it would be too much profound doctrine for a investigator but we decided to do it anyway! I honestly can’t tell you what exactly I said because I don’t even remember! lol It was so cool! They were paying close attention the entire time and loved what we shared with them and note her son is only 7 years old and was receiving lessons from the JWs….. she started to get a little teary eyed and told us after the lesson that she did not like by ANY means to listen to missionaries from ANY religion. She said it bored her to death and that she didn’t feel like what they were saying was true. She promised that she would go to church with us on Sunday and she came with her son! Erica enjoyed all the meetings and wants to learn more on what was taught in Relief Society about Joesph Smith and the restoration!!! Today we have a set appointment with her and the trinidad family at 6! The son, Saul, asked his mom or basically said, ¨yes we are coming back again next Sunday¨ lol he is such a good kid and knows a lot… I really hope to be here when they make the decision to get baptized!

Well this was really the only exciting thing that’s happened this week… this Wednesday we have transfers. We haven’t gotten the call that we have transfers but I just have a nasty feeling that its not going to be a good transfer for me… I really want to stay and make the area better than it is now but we will see what Heavenly Father has in store for me and my companion…

I love you guys and I’m grateful for this time that I have to serve my God. To find his lost sheep, and bring more into his fold.

These pictures are from the temple trip that we had as a mission and these are the people that came from our zone! We had about 1526 investigators that came to this temple trip!

Love you all so much! till next Monday
Elder White


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