Ugh!! Week of Hardship!!

April 27, 2015

Hola Mi familia y Amigos,

So I gotta admit the only day that I actually enjoyed this week was Thursday! haha… We had one of the presidency of Central America come and talk with us. It was Elder Alonzo of the 70!!!! Man he was really powerful… He talked about the book of Mormon and how we could use it more sufficiently in our lessons and make it more of a commitment for the investigators to read it. He gave an example on how we could get the investigators to read it. He gives a little bit of information on a certain chapter when Alma and Amulek are preaching together. He asks them if they could help him remember the name of Alma´s partner and gives him 1 or 2 days to read it before the next visit. Then on the return visit if he didn’t read it, we are to take the book back and say I’m going to take this book and give it to someone else that is more willing to read it and receive the blessings. Sorry but we don’t have a lesson for you today.¨ Aye… when he said that… hijole… you felt that one hard in the heart… then he said, this will help us find those that are prepared to receive the restored gospel and not waste our time with those that aren’t. In this meeting it was extremely powerful… When he was ending his talk or lesson he testified to us…. This is what he said, ¨I testify that the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Lives and that he was a resurrected, perfect body of flesh and bone. I know he lives and that he cares and loves each and EVERYONE of us.¨ At that moment I knew for a fact he saw him with his own eyes, that he manifested himself to Elder Alonzo. That testimony was so powerful I believe that I was left awe-struck… I couldn’t think or do anything till he finished bearing his testimony…. it’s just one of those moments that you have to be there to know what I’m talking about… lol I can’t remember his exact words or explain the feelings that came over me through this entire talk… It was really special!

Well after Thursday my companion decided to get really sick and stayed in bed for 2 days… ugh lol I tried to find members that could take care of my companion while I went with another member to leave and find people… but I couldn’t… lol… It was terrible… This was probably the worst week I have ever had with showing out progress through the week… but like I have learned that everything has a purpose and we got to learn from these so we can grow and become the man, or woman, that God wants us to become. I once asked my companion that ¨why do I feel like the work I do, isn’t good enough or doesn’t seem like a makes a significant difference…. I just feel like I’m under a lot of pressure.¨ my companion told me, ¨that this is the way God works within us to make us into that ´diamond´ in the aftermath.¨ I came to realize the truth behind his words. It’s true what most people say that the mission is for the missionary, for the kid that leaves to become converted unto the gospel just as much as the investigators. We change our lives around to try and follow the path of the savior and continually try to become perfect like the savior.

Well I don’t have time left over but I can’t wait for mother’s day to come… lol if that’s not a trunky thought I don’t know what is! lol I love each and everyone of you and hope things are going well for you all!

Con mucho amor,
Elder White

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