May 25, 2015

Queridos Familia y Amigos,

Well… It’s time for transfers again…. I can honestly say I will never get used to the fact of transfers… lol I never liked transfers especially when your in a area you love and you´ve grown to love the people here. It finally dawned on me that I´m speaking Spanish as my first language… and its like I’m talking to friends from a long time ago… Its a wonderful feelings I just have to add =) But yea I’m not excited for this Wednesday… its going to be interesting where the Lord wants me to go if I do get transferred and what the Lord wants me to learn. Transfers have always been a mystery and will probably still be a mystery till the day I finish!

Its really hard to think of things to write at this moment… lol I´m sorry but this might be short…

Well, something that I was studying this week was on the Holy Ghost and revelation. Its been quite interesting on how the Lord will sometimes take away the Holy Ghost for a time to see how we will act on our own knowledge of the gospel and on the commandments. Sometimes we know for a fact that we are being obedient and doing all that the Lord asks of us but there is still those times that we feel alone and empty inside. In these crucial moments it is important that we continue doing what we know is correct and trust in the Lord. For it’s a test to see how well we would do in our knowledge and testimony of the Gospel. In many cases it’s a very difficult road because it’s in that moment that the Devil will work even harder to push us off the path of righteousness, but one thing for sure, is that the Lord is always watching us and will step in before we fall.

Then I felt impressed to study a little bit on revelation and that was interesting how revelation is centered on the Spirit. If we don’t have the Holy Ghost we could never receive revelation for ourselves nor for our families if we are parents. Something that I actually liked when we want an answer we should first study it out in our minds and then ask. then a scripture reference from Isaiah, not sure where…, says that the Lords thoughts are not OUR thoughts. So with that in mind its really important that we pay attention to the impressions that come to mind because it will be the Lord trying to answer.

haha… I can honestly say its really difficult right now to think of things to write that has happened this week… but it just doesn’t want to come to mind!!! lol… I believe I’m just a little nervous about transfers…. but we will see what happens in these next few nights.

I know that our Lord and Savior loves us and wants us to enjoy our time that we have here on earth, but he doesn’t want us to live in the worldly things, rather to get the necessities of life that we may be comfortable and happy and to enjoy the gospel in our lives. I testify that the Savior lives, He’s always walking with us even when we feel alone. He is always trying us to see if we would follow him even if we don’t feel his presence because of the veil that is put around us. I testify of the plan that our Heavenly Father has made so that we can find peace in a world that is constantly changing and its constant disasters that men and nature make. With it we are eternal, without it we are lost.

I will end this email with this quote, ¨To make a friend share your time. To make an eternal friend, share your time and the Gospel.¨ I hope we are all doing our part in helping our brothers and sisters find the truth and find the iron rod to the tree of life!

I love you guys and Hope all is well back home!

Elder White

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