Baptism?!?! Transfers… not for me!!!

June 1, 2015

Mis Queridos Familiares y Amigos,

Well, I didn’t have transfers! My companion, Elder Rowley had transfers!!! But that’s a story I gotta tell… lol! So Tuesday last week we got the call in the morning that there were changes… So my companion told me that we both had transfers…. I was completely devastated all that day… I thought they were going to close down my area and all that fun stuff… but as we were studying I couldn’t focus because I was literally in a depression like I had never experienced… I didn’t want to leave behind my English classes that I’m giving at the school near where we live, plus the Soriano Family I didn’t want to leave behind because Sister Sorianos baptism is this weekend… And a lot of other things I didn’t want to leave behind… So Elder Rowley texted Elder Brust, our district leader, and Elder Brust was talking to me about doing interchanges and stuff with me, I was thinking how is this possible when we are leaving?? so he asked, “OK really whats going on???” So I told him I don’t want to leave… and Elder Brust was surprised with this and told me “your not leaving…” LOL Elder Rowley heard wrong and at this moment and time I was crying AND laughing at the same time, with joy of course 😉 lol So I am still here in Los Naranjos, Apopa!!! but with a different companion!

My new companion, Elder Rios (or rivers in English ;)), is from Panama! He is pretty small… LOL hes probably the size of Maddie?? maybe? I’m not quite sure… but he’s such a funny guy! He’s full of energy and knows that we can change the area around with baptisms, progressive investigators, and all that fun stuff! I cant believe the first week of this transfer has already gone! Its crazy how fast time flies when you are really focused on the work and doing that your suppose too!

So this weekend we have a baptism planned and set up! but… Sister Dina Soriano is kind of having doubts in herself… She is afraid to be baptized and then fall from her bad habits and stuff like that… We keep telling her to pray and to read the book of Mormon to look for her answer. It would be very helpful if you guys can keep her in your prayers that she may receive her answer. That she may have the desire to get baptized this Saturday!!!

So I got to talk about this little sentence that my dad sent me today through email which I think is kind of funny!!! because I got my own little words I would like to say about my mom as well 😉

“Mom is always telling people that your emails as of late have been very different from your earlier ones and she is telling people, “where is my son and what did you do with him!” Missions can be great teachers, because of all of the trials, and struggles, and companions, and the separation from mommies and home, and computers, and phones, etc. Also, because of the blessings, and spirit, and growth, and testimony, and all of that other good stuff”

lol OK maybe I can’t say anything other that I just love my mom to death!!! I can honestly agree with my dad that the mission does change a young man, or young woman in many ways. Because of the great trials and struggles, different companions, the separation of families and worldly things… It’s a mighty change of heart that takes place in every single one of us! After the mission what we have learned will strengthen our self control! That I can honestly say I need to master this attribute!… lol Its something that is needed to be able to put time in for future family time, our wife, work… So we don’t get too preoccupied about the worldly things…

Time is going by extremely fast… Things are changing, but its necessary! We are all growing to become the person, the child of God that Our loving Heavenly Father wants us to be! Before I never imagined myself this far out on the mission or felt that I would experience any changes that was really necessary for me… But now I can say that I have a testimony that we can do anything even if we have a small desire to do so!!! Heavenly Father will multiply that desire two fold every time. I love this work and I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am coming to know and learn more about him everyday and it strengthens my testimony and faith. There is a certain song that I love a lot called “Clay in his hands” by Jessie Clark. It talks about how we are all clay in the hands of the potter and hes molding us into his master piece then places us in the fire to harden and to finish his master piece. It goes a long with the Refiners Fire from Mormon Messages. Those two go well together!

I love you all so very much and I’m grateful to have such a huge support group of Friends and Family! I’m grateful that I’m able to learn more of my Savior and to learn more about his atoning sacrifice! Its something wonderful to be able to learn and to be able to understand! I hope your week will be an adventure and a learning experience for everyone!

Con Amor y Gratitud,
Elder Blanco (White ;))

(Mommy Note: Aunt Jenny “borrowed” your sunglasses!! And my Hubby is getting a hurt about his email. I must be a lunatic!!)

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