Another Baptism???(last week ;))

June 15, 2015

Queridos amorosas Familias y Amigos!

Well, As I promised I’m sending a picture of Hna Dina AND we had another baptism that I forgot to mention last week X.X forgive me of my imperfections… But it was awesome! The other missionaries in my district had a baptism on the same day, Saturday, and we did the baptism service at the same time to save time and water! 😀 but it was a great and marvelous experience!! To give a little background information about the little guy that we baptized, his parents, Joseph Reinaldo Vilanova and Juana Estela Argeuta, AREN’T MARRIED…… Joseph or Jose ^_^ is married to his ex-wife in the states… Well to make a long story short Joseph was deported for false charges by his brother(drug addict, murder, etc) and so he is exiled for 10 years here in El Salvador, where he was born. Well he has almost complete his time of exile but we have been trying for a YEAR!!! well other missionaries have been trying for the past year to get him at least in the process of getting divorced so he can remarry with his companion so he can get baptized!!! if you didn’t understand this blame my imperfection 😀 So we finally got Henry to be baptized and one of the reasons its something to give joy for is that they live in poverty… or sort of.. they don’t make any money and live off of the money Joseph gains from his kids from the states and its not a lot.. And bishop said he wants to help them out with food but he couldn’t until one of them was a member with the membership record number and all that fun stuff 😛 so I’m really grateful for my Heavenly Father that he has prepared this young man and softened the hearts of his parents! They are really good people and i can see Joseph as a stake president ^_^ I’m going off this faith of seeing him be a stake president in the future!!! =D

Well, The next baptisms that we have will be for the 27 of June… and This one is really REALLY delicate… They are two daughters of eternal investigators as well… Like Joseph and Juana, The fathers of these two daughters have the SAME problem… its really annoying and frustrating how many people are ONLY living together because they cant get married or don’t want to get married… ugh…. well, the daughters, Leticia(15) and Lourdes(13) (don’t ask me how to pronounce Lourdes… I still cant get it right XD) Leticia is kind of rebellious (reminds me of myself and Maceson ;)) and Lourdes just goes with the flow xD kind of like chandler and Kayelee! but they fear of getting dunked in the water… and probably some other things that I’m not sure of but What they need is your prayers… To be able to feel the spirit that this is the path that needs to be taken as well as the blessings that are promised from this… The parents are in the process of getting divorced from there spouses from the states and we hope and pray that the process isn’t going to take too long… Their names are Jose Antionio mejia and Guillermina. They too are such a wonderful family and need the blessings from baptism!

Well I’m out of time… but I love you guys so much and Hope you are all enjoying your day and hope that you will enjoy your week!!! Be careful and Love you all so much!!!

Elder Nikolas White
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission
“Yesterday was history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a gift… That is why it is called Present.” -Master Uguay





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