July 27, 2015

Buenas Dias mis queridas Familiares y Amigos,

Well as dramatic as the subject for this email its pretty true!! lol…. In just two days the gangs here in just one area, My area…., Have burned 5 transportation buses that has caused a lot of commotion here in the country =X its rather annoying because now the transportation system is shut down for who knows how long DX but all is well and we are safe =D just a few upset gangs are trying to get a message across to the government and such because apparently they rule the government :/

Well on a much happier note, We had a training meeting for my stake that I’m serving in and we were “invited” to go…. lol it took ALL DAY DX but the good thing is that President Vasquez is trying to help us out by teaching the Wards how to hold their ward counsel meetings and how they can retain their members and such! We are hoping that the ward Council and put some ideas together to help us with our investigators and Less active members!

Well… The work is progressing and slowly moving forward! We have planned a huge activity for the entire mission on sending recent converts, less actives, and investigators to the temple grounds and to have little lessons that help them understand what the functions are for the temples and the sacredness of the temple. They get to understand the blessings in having a temple in the country! normally the baptisms and the new investigators increase when we do this, so we are hoping for a MIRACLE!!! XD and… me and my companion have to give a little presentation on the book of Mormon for our stake, and the stake of San Salvador…. I’m kind of upset about that because I want to go around with my investigators and with the members that will help us out with them but oh well 😛 The Lord wants us to do this so I can’t really complain about that haha.

Well I don’t got much time left but I want to say that I know that the mission does change the person that decides to serve. and that we get to see the real us come out. The person Heavenly Father wants us to be in our lives if we do everything we can to obey his commandments he can shape us into the person that we are meant to be! I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and that the Church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. The tender mercies of the Lord are impossible to imagine and he just asks us to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

I love you all and hope you will have a good week! Be safe and look for moments to strengthen your testimony by giving it to those you know that are struggling or are not members of this glorious church!

Elder Nikolas White
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission
“Yesterday was history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a gift… That is why it is called Present.” -Master Uguay

¨If ever there is a tomorrow when we´re not together. There is something you must always remember,
You are braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and
smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is even if we´re apart, I´ll always be with you¨ -A.A. Mine

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