President Russel M. Nelson, New Stake, and many old faces!

August 31, 2015

Buenas Tardes a mis Familiares y Amigos,

Well, I forgot to announce the week before about a special meeting we had here in El Salvador, with Guatemala and Belice! Friday we had a multi-mission conference with President Russel M. Nelson!!! WOW!!!!! It was amazing!!!! He carried a strong spirit with him. We got to shake hands and get to talk to him personally!!! That was powerful! They asked us to look Him in the eyes and to feel the power of the spirit work through them to us. I have to say that was extremely powerful! You could feel the love that He had for us radiating off His person and through His words. Pres. Nelson told us that He came to the country in 1990 to dedicate the country to the Lord to be preached the Gospel and in 1992 He went to Belice and did the same! He said that the country has changed since then a lot and being able to see that El Salvador has a temple! So he started the conference off with talking about the ward counsel meetings and how we should become good friends with the ward mission leader. Then make our way with being great friends with the Presidency of all the organizations. Doing so, now this is the promise He made with us, the members will come to us and give us references to their best friends or family members that aren’t members of the church. He said we should fill our planners with visits that are worth while and these visits will come from our ward counsel members!

He went on to another topic that is really interesting. He told us that we should study the doctrine of the Church and use the topical guide, in Spanish its called guide for the study of the scriptures, and gave us many specific topics we should study and teach to the people of El Salvador. The Abrahamic covenant, The Tree of life, The Fall of Adam and Eve, Covenants, tithing, Atonement, Jesus Christ, Commandments of God, Sacrifice, Temples (House of the lord), anointing, and Eternal life. Its interesting how every one of these refer back to Abrahamic covenant. When we got to the topic of Tithing He said “Don’t be afraid to teach the poor about tithe… Ok, Yes and no. For I know that tithing blesses the poor with more money, with getting out of poverty. If you don’t want the poverty to get out of poverty, Don’t teach Tithing!” haha. Then we got on the topic of the temples…. Haha… He said “I know that you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage while on your missions, but THINK ABOUT IT!!!” Hahaha! If you don’t, you will never understand the concepts and the importance of Eternal Marriage! He asked us to think of our mission president and his wife. Their love is first towards the Lord, they do everything for the lord first before they love each other. Pres. Nelson promised, if we love the Lord first and put the Lord first, we will find pure love and pure happiness for our husbands and wives! Our marriages should be like that of our Mission President and his Wife. We will be blessed with Happiness and a love so pure for our significant other. He started talking to the sisters, “If a man gets down on his knees to ask you to marry him, say NO!!!! Say it! unless you know for certain that he loves the Lord more than you. Men do not propose to a Women unless you know for certain that she love the Lord more than you!” I’ve come to understand the truth that we should put the Lord first!

Wow, this conference was really amazing! I wish I could find the words to describe the feelings that I was feeling through this conference in Pres. Nelson’s talk. It was so powerful and to be able to feel that huge loving spirit of Pres. Nelson. After the conference I told my companion, “you could really feel the love just radiating off His person and the words that He said. He really wants us to have success in our mission and to have the personal conversion of the Gospel.”

Sunday, we had another big meeting with the district of Usulutan and San Miguel stake! Usulutan changed to stake and they fixed the boundaries so that Usulutan had some strong wards helping us out! It was another powerful meeting to be able to see how they run these meetings for new stakes and changing the districts to stakes! Also, another great thing about these meetings allows us to see many old faces 😉 Many old friends from old Areas!

Well, this week was super powerful and full of great experiences! I can’t believe how fast the time flied by as well O_o Before I know it Conference will be on the doorstep 😉 hahaha!!! Well I have run out of time but Thank you all for your love and support! I’m grateful for all that you guys do for me and my family! I love you all and hope this week will be a wonderful week! full of wonderful experience!!!

Elder Nikolas White
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission
“Yesterday was history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a gift… That is why it is called Present.” -Master Uguay

¨If ever there is a tomorrow when we´re not together. There is something you must always remember,
You are braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and
smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is even if we´re apart, I´ll always be with you¨ -A.A. Mine

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