Lots of work and Plans with Ward Missionaries!

October 19, 2015

Buenas Familiares y Amigos,

Well… President Vasquez isn’t allowing us to extend our area… but at least we get to work in Ozatlan where there is a lot of people that are less/in-active members and a lot of investigators. We had a meeting with the Ward Missionaries in Ozatlan and we made plans to do some meetings in the house of the Medina family for investigators and members! Its going to be awesome! I never worked with ward missionaries before but they are extremely excited to be working like we are!

Its been really difficult trying to find new people to teach… Our area is extremely small, I feel like I talk with the same people at least 3 times in the week… lol but that’s just how President wanted it… Just because the other areas are pretty dangerous with problems with the the gangs and stupid things like that haha! but oh well… I’ve gotten used to the gangs and seeing gangsters! I’ve come to understand that as long as we are obedient to the mission rules and we keep our “nose” clean Heavenly Father will protect us! but seeing how many missionaries don’t believe this they tell lies just to get out of the area and they end up closing the area…. but enough with the complaining 😀 haha.

Well, I’m doing well! We just finished having a 3 day raining season ^_^ haha it was nice! I actually felt cold!!!! that’s weird to say but I’m glad its over haha… Like I’ve said before I never really liked the cold…. I feel like I never warm up once my body gets cold haha!

Oh at our house we have a ton of banana trees! and we have about 6 trees growing bananas! by the time they all are ready to be eaten its possible that I won’t be around to eat them D:… its possible I might have changes before then… :/

Well I gotta get going… but I love you guys!!

Elder Nikolas White
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission
“Yesterday was history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a gift… That is why it is called Present.” -Master Uguay

¨If ever there is a tomorrow when we´re not together. There is something you must always remember,
You are braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and
smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is even if we´re apart, I´ll always be with you¨ -A.A. Mine


(Elder White forgot my birthday so I guess 10 days late is better than nothing)

MOM!!! IM SO SORRY!!! I knew I forgot something before my time was up… I just didn’t remember… until the middle of the week… But HAPPY VERY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!!! I love you mom and hope that you enjoyed your B-Day! wow I’m so terrible to be honest haha… I always forget the birthdays… you know this 😀 but you still love me ❤ ^_^

Love you mom!
Elder White

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