Chicugunya or Sika? BAPTISM!!!!

November 9, 2015

Buenas TARDES!!!! Familia y Amigos!

So…. ummm don’t freak out mom but I got one of the “diseases” that’s been flying around…. Chicugunya or Sika… lol I heard that I got the worst one which is Sika…. The sickness is the same as the Chicu, but a lot stronger and it gives rash through out the body… and… I’m on the last stages of the sickness… hahaha I’m going on 5 days with the sickness but now its going away slowly but surely!!!

Saturday We had a baptism!!! We baptized a little kid named Miguel! He was really excited to be baptized! His mom, Milagro, was really glad and grateful for the members and their support! Now we are going to try and baptize Hna Milagro!

This Tuesday we have another baptism for another Miguel! Were hoping that the members will show up and support him… It will happen in 7PM but I hope others will come!!!!

So we got calls for transfers but I’m staying in my same area… I think? haha and my companion will be leaving :((((( sad day…. I really enjoyed this change working with Elder Ortega he has helped me out a lot! we may not have had a lot of baptisms but we have strengthened a lot of families!!!

I’m sorry I’m actually struggling to think and to type… haha this sickness is really bothering me haha… but I love you guys and I’ll write more next week! I’ll let you know how transfers are! =D

Elder Nikolas White
El Salvador, San Salvador East Mission
“Yesterday was history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, But today is a gift… That is why it is called Present.” -Master Uguay

¨If ever there is a tomorrow when we´re not together. There is something you must always remember,
You are braver than you believe,
Stronger than you seem, and
smarter than you think.
But the most important thing is even if we´re apart, I´ll always be with you¨ -A.A. Mine

The tall white kid is Elder White!!

(Mommy Moment: I never freak out about anything!!)

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