Transfers and Adaption….

January 26,2015

Buenas Dias mi familia y Amigos!!!

Well…. I got transferred out of Berlin…. I’m extremely sad about that one… But its ok, The Lord needs me in other places as well. I’m going to miss my friends and investigators in Berlin a lot. It truly felt like I was there for more than 3 months… I feel like I was robbed of my time there lol. But the Lord needs me in other places…

Right now I’m in San Miguel… the area is called Roosevelt…. lol its so hot here as well as humid… At least I’m not in La Union… I heard that its extremely hot there. You can see the ocean there but its one of the reasons its really hot there. But San Miguel is a big city! Its a lot different from the little cities that I have been in for the past 6 months… but its alright time to adapt to the big city!

My companion is Elder Belk. He is from Utah as well!!! Payson Utah is where he lives and he is basically starting his mission! He is a good companion and a good missionary! He really tries to do all he can to become a converted missionary for the Lord. He is actually just as tall as I am, its pretty cool lol. Its fun walking down the streets and everyone sees two giant Goliath’s walking towards them. Its pretty funny.

The area is struggling a little bit… I seem to be put into areas where its starting to die off with hardly any investigators that are progressing, or not having hardly ANYTHING to do and the members hardly want anything to do with you and don’t want to help… Its been like that with the last 3 transfers… lol not like I’m complaining or anything but its just annoying and very tiring lol!!!!

Well sorry I don’t have much to say this week… But thank you all for your prayers and your love and support!

I hope this week will be great for you all! I love you tons!

Elder Nikolas White


Elder White, that is a lot of papusa’s!!


Elder White and Companion!!(Sorry he didn’t say who it was!!) Elder Andrew Flake is off to the side!!


Elder White and Elder Flake(who came home last week! So proud of that boy!! Shelly and Dan congrats!!)

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One Response to Transfers and Adaption….

  1. Shelly Flake says:

    OH, thanks for the great pictures! And now I get to hug him every day! He is wonderful and so happy. Hope you can come to our home on Feb. 7 and visit and eat Pupusa’s with us. 5:30-7:30ish. Andrew speaks in church on Feb. 8 at 11:00 am at the church on 2450 south. It has been so fun to share this mission experience with you. I’ll keep following Elder Nik and all of his adventures in El Salvador!

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